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Exercise 1: Creating a Superscope and Member Scopes
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Installing Printers
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Part II Solutions
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in single-user mode using the m switch . It allows for changes to the audit configuration . A typical change would involve pointing the audit records to another file location, by creating a new audit and modifying the audit specifications that reference it . While in singleuser mode, auditing is still enabled and only the shutdown action that would stop an audit is disabled . SQL Server will continue to collect audit records in a memory buffer and will attempt to flush them to an audit as soon as possible . Creating an audit requires the ALTER ANY SERVER AUDIT permission . Users with CONTROL SERVER permission do not separately require this permission, as the CONTROL SERVER permission covers the ALTER ANY SERVER AUDIT permission . Another important decision relates to how many audit records it is acceptable to lose on some forms of server failure . The choice made for the QUEUE_DELAY audit option (on the CREATE SERVER AUDIT command described later) determines whether a synchronous or asynchronous target is created within Extended Events . Setting the QUEUE_DELAY to zero causes a synchronous target to be selected, and all audit records are written to the audit as soon as they are generated . This can clearly have a performance impact on the production system s processing . Setting any other value indicates how long SQL Server can buffer the records (in milliseconds) before flushing them to the audit . The minimum permitted value is 1,000 (1 second), and this is the default value . The other key configurations specified at the audit level are MAXSIZE and MAX_ROLLOVER_ FILES . Note that these are options to the CREATE SERVER AUDIT command, rather than the parameters with the same names that were mentioned earlier . These determine how big the audit files can become and how many older files will be kept . Once the number of files specified in MAX_ROLLOVER_FILES has been reached, the oldest file is deleted each time a new file is created . To avoid issues with running out of disk space for audits, SQL Server also permits you to reserve disk space at the time of creation of an audit .
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Producing XML from Relational Data
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Figure 11-39
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Netdiag /test:ipsec command Gpresult.exe Gpotool.exe Netdiag /test:ipsec command Gpresult.exe Gpotool.exe
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If the classification scheme seems inadequate to the task of adequately capturing what your network looks like or ought to look like the solution is simple: either modify the classification scheme or change your assumptions. The classification scheme may just not be correct for your risk management strategy. In this case, you may change the classification scheme to better match the risk management strategy. Or, you might decide that although your risk management strategy is sound on paper, it is impossible or undesirable in practice. Many organizations have developed a risk management strategy that looks great on a slide in the boardroom, but is impossible to implement in the real world. This is your opportunity to verify how well your strategy really can be implemented. If you do not have a risk management strategy, you probably ought to take this opportunity to think up one.
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import QtQuick 1.0 Item { width: 200 height: 100 Text { id: label text: "Click Me" color: "black" anchors.horizontalCenter: parent.horizontalCenter anchors.verticalCenter: parent.verticalCenter font { family: "Helvetica"; pixelSize: 12; bold: true } } MouseArea { anchors.fill: parent onClicked: { label.text = "Hello World" } } }
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This script, Incremental02.proj, is a modi cation of the previous example from Incremental01.proj. The change is the addition of a new target, DeleteSomeRandomFiles. This target will clean out some of the les in the dest folder but not all of them. Assuming that the CopyFilesToDest target has been run previously without being cleaned, the result of the command msbuild Incremental02.proj /t: DeleteSomeRandomFiles;CopyFilesToDest is shown in Figure 6-22.
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You can use the following questions to test your knowledge of the information in Lesson 3, Working with ASP.NET Dynamic Data. The questions are also available on the companion CD in a practice test, if you prefer to review them in electronic form.
After this lesson, you will be able to
return $result; } } > When executing the GetResponse() function to perform an AUTH_ONLY transaction, the response will contain a transaction ID. If the authorization is successful, we can then use this transaction ID to perform a PRIOR_AUTH_CAPTURE transaction, which effectively takes the money from the customer s account. As explained earlier, the response from Authorize.net comes in the form of a string that contains values delimited by a configurable character, which in our case is the pipe character (|). To read a particular value from the string, we transform the string into an array using the explode() PHP function (http://www.php.net/manual/ en/function.explode.php): $auth_only_response = $request->GetResponse(); $_SESSION['auth_only_response'] = $auth_only_response; $auth_only_response = explode('|', $auth_only_response); After this piece of code executes, $auth_only_response will contain an array whose elements are the values that were delimited by the pipe character in the original string. From this array, we re interested in the seventh element, which, according to the Authorize.net documentation, is the transaction ID. (Read the Gateway Response API details from http://www.authorize.net/support/AIM_guide.pdf for the complete details about the Authorize.net response.) // Read the transaction ID, which will be necessary for taking the payment $ref_trans_id = $auth_only_response[6];
Automatic Memory Management (Garbage Collection)
Developing a Web Application by Using ASP.NET MVC 2
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