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Figure 13-2. The HatShop order pipeline The tasks carried out in these pipeline sections are as follows: Customer Notification: An email notification is sent to the customer stating that order processing has started and confirming the items to be sent and the address that goods will be sent to. Credit Card Authorization: The credit card used for purchasing is checked, and the total order amount is set aside (although no payment is taken at this stage). Stock Check: An email is sent to the supplier with a list of the items that have been ordered. Processing continues when the supplier confirms that the goods are available.
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this case, an HTTP module is required.
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Creating a Web Part Page
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Two buttons aren t standard in Excel: the Export To Excel button and the Commands and Options button. The Export To Excel button, familiar to SharePoint users, creates the Excel worksheet in a user-specified folder so users can manipulate a copy of the data as much as they wish without changing the original data in the web page. The Commands and Options button opens the Commands and Options dialog box, which includes additional user tools (see Figure 6-8). Make sure your users know about this dialog box, because it s filled with power: the power to change the format of a worksheet, work with formulas in the worksheet, find worksheet data, and change worksheet and workbook options.
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I d like to say a few words about System.Exception s read-only StackTrace property . A catch block can read this property to obtain the stack trace indicating what methods were called that led up to the exception . This information can be extremely valuable when you re trying to detect the cause of an exception so that you can correct your code . When you access this property, you re actually calling into code in the CLR; the property doesn t simply return a string . When you construct a new object of an Exception-derived type, the StackTrace property is initialized to null . If you were to read the property, you wouldn t get back a stack trace; you would get back null . When an exception is thrown, the CLR internally records where the throw instruction occurred . When a catch block accepts the exception, the CLR records where the exception was caught . If, inside a catch block, you now access the thrown exception object s StackTrace property, the code that implements the property calls into the CLR, which builds a string identifying all of the methods between the place where the exception was thrown and the filter that caught the exception .
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7 Entity Customization: Forms
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We re going to build an e-commerce store that sells hats. On all the e-commerce sites we ve worked on, there s always been a trade-off to make between building an amazing site that everybody will love and creating a site on a limited budget that will make money. Usually, I m on the trigger-happy, really amazing site side, but I m always grateful that my ambitions are reined in by the actual business demands. If you re designing and building the site for yourself and you are the client, then you have a challenge keeping your view realistic while maintaining your enthusiasm for the project. This book shows you a logical way to build an e-commerce site that will deliver what it needs to be profitable. However, when designing your own site, you need to think carefully about exactly who your customers are, what they need, how they want to place orders, and what they are most likely to buy. Most important, you need to think about how they will come to your site in the first place. You should consider the following points before you start to visualize or design the site and certainly before you start programming: Getting customers: How will you get visitors to the site in the first place Offering products: What will you offer, and how will you expect customers to buy Will they buy in bulk Will they make a lot of repeat orders Will they know what they want before they visit, or will they want to be inspired These factors will influence how you arrange your catalog and searching as well as what order process you use. A shopping basket is great if people want to browse. If people know exactly what they want, then they might prefer something more like an order form.
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Instance Constructors and Classes (Reference Types)
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Using Resource View 628 631 Using Performance Monitor Using Reliability Monitor Managing Collected Data Viewing Reports Summary 647 646 634 643
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Note SQL*Plus is the oldest Oracle tool still available. It was renamed from UFI (User Friendly Interface) in version 4 to SQL*Plus in Version 5 in the mid 1980s.
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8 Rich Controls and Services
Lesson 1: Working with User Profiles
11. The Power of Variable Names
You ll recall from the delegate discussion in 17, Delegates, that the C# compiler compiles this line of code into a class definition that logically looks like this:
log box, select a port type, and click the Configure button. This procedure opens the Configure Device dialog box, shown in Figure 10-33. To modify the number of simultaneous connections your VPN server allows, enter an appropriate value into Maximum Ports.
Remote Access VPN Components and Design Points |
The logic is that the only prisoner who can turn switch A to Off is Charles. The other prisoners can turn switch A to On, but each can do so only once and only after seeing it in the On state previously. This means two things: First, when a prisoner who isn t in charge (say his name is Paul) and who has seen switch A On at some time in the past sees that switch A is Off, he knows that Charles visited the room before him and was the one who turned it Off. (Paul saw the switch On in the past, but it is now Off, and Charles is the only prisoner who ever turns the switch to Off). Paul will then turn switch A to On. Second, Paul knows that switch A will remain On until Charles subsequently turns it off knowing that another prisoner (not Charles himself) turned it on, and Charles will count that prisoner (Paul) in his tally.
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with cipher block chaining (CBC) and a 128-bit key size (AES 128) AES with CBC and a 192-bit key size (AES 192) AES with CBC and a 256-bit key size (AES 256)
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