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Important You should modify security roles instead of modifying the site map to hide areas
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Silverlight Plug-In
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ASP .NET has evolved with the goal of reducing the effort developers must expend to get their Web sites up and running . One theme you might notice as you tour ASP .NET is that Microsoft has done a great job of anticipating what the developer needs and putting it in the framework . The three previous chapters describe the architecture behind ASP .NET Web Forms and controls . With an understanding of this architecture, you can easily extend the framework to do almost anything you want it to do . ASP .NET versions 1 .0 and 1 .1 took over much of the functionality developers were building into their sites with classic ASP . For example, server-side controls handled much of the arduous coding that went into developing Web sites displaying consistent user interfaces (such as selection lists that always showed the last selection that was chosen) . Later versions of ASP .NET extend that theme by introducing new server-side controls that insert commonly desired functionality into the framework . This chapter discusses support provided by ASP .NET for validating the data represented by controls . It also examines a few other controls that are very useful: various flavors of the Image control, the MultiView control, and the TreeView control . First, start with the validation controls .
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FIguRE 3-1 Signing an assembly
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public static explicit operator int (SomeStruct x) {/* */}
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The APPLY operator basically applies the right table expression to every row from the left input. You can think of it as being similar to a join, with one important differencethe right table expression can refer to the left input's columns as correlations. It's as though in a join there's no precedence between the two inputs when evaluating them. With APPLY, it's as though the left input is evaluated first, and then the right input is evaluated once for each row from the left. Step A1 is always applied in both CROSS APPLY and OUTER APPLY. Step A2 is applied only for OUTER APPLY. CROSS APPLY doesn't return an outer (left) row if the inner (right) table expression returns an empty set for it. OUTER APPLY will return such a row, with NULLs in the inner table expression's attributes. For example, the following query returns the two most recent orders (assuming for the sake of this example that orderid represents chronological order) for each customer, generating the output shown in Table 1-13: SELECT C.customerid, city, orderid FROM dbo.Customers AS C CROSS APPLY (SELECT TOP(2) orderid, customerid FROM dbo.Orders AS O WHERE O.customerid = C.customerid ORDER BY orderid DESC) AS CA;
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This will install XAMPP to the /opt/lampp directory. To start the XAMPP system from the shell, type
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This troublemaking code is from the wrong side of town and invites problems. In general, when you manufacture a variable to use in a case statement, the real data might not map onto the case statement the way you want it to. In this example, if the user types copy, the case statement peels off the first c and correctly calls the Copy() routine. On the other hand, if the user types cement overshoes, clambake, or cellulite, the case statement also peels off the c and calls Copy(). The test for an erroneous command in the case statement s else clause won t work very well because it will miss only erroneous first letters rather than erroneous commands. This code should use a chain of if-then-else-if tests to check the whole string rather than making up a phony variable. A virtuous rewrite of the code looks like this:
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Transaction ID (Xid) A random number used to denote a conversation between a DHCP client and a DHCP server (for example, a lease acquisition). Seconds (Secs) The number of seconds elapsed since the DHCP Client service com menced the address acquisition process. Filled in by the DHCP client.
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The SELECT INTO statement creates a new table from the result set of a query. For example, the following statement creates the temporary table #MyShippers and populates it with all rows from the Sales.Shippers table in the InsideTSQL2008 database:
The second time Plus is called, A (a String) is passed, so Plus will return AA (the result of concatenating A with itself) back to its caller, which puts this result in the result variable . Then, the M method is called again, passing it result . This time, the payload code determines that the actual type being passed to M is a String and calls the overload of M that takes a String parameter . When the type of a field, method parameter, method return type, or local variable, is specified as dynamic, the compiler converts this type to the System.Object type and applies an instance of System.Runtime.CompilerServices.DynamicAttribute to the field, parameter, or return type in metadata . If a local variable is specified as dynamic, then the variable s type will also be of type Object, but the DynamicAttribute is not applied to the local variable since its usage is self-contained within the method . Since dynamic is really the same as Object, you cannot write methods whose signature differs only by dynamic and Object . It is also possible to use dynamic when specifying generic type arguments to a generic class (reference type), a structure (value type), an interface, a delegate, or a method . When you do this, the compiler converts dynamic to Object and applies DynamicAttribute to the various pieces of metadata where it makes sense . Note that the generic code that you are using has already been compiled and will consider the type to be Object; no dynamic dispatch will be performed because the compiler did not produce any payload code in the generic code . Any expression can implicitly be cast to dynamic since all expressions result in a type that is derived from Object .2 Normally, the compiler does not allow you to write code that implicitly casts an expression from Object to another type; you must use explicit cast syntax . However, the compiler does allow you to cast an expression from dynamic to another type using implicit cast syntax:
The ReaderWriterGateReleaser class looks like this (some methods are not shown):
334 ChAPTER 7 Creating Custom Web Controls
After you ve installed the certificate, you can access any web pages on your web server using an SSL connection, simply by replacing the http:// part of the URL used to access the page with https:// (assuming that your firewall is set up to allow an SSL connection, which by default uses port 443). Obviously, you don t need SSL connections for all areas of the site and shouldn t enforce it in all places because that reduces performance. However, you do want to make sure that the sensitive pages are accessible only via SSL. Now you should enforce SSL for the administrator login page and for the admin pages of your site. (In later chapters, when we ll handle payments ourselves, we ll also want to enforce SSL for the checkout, customer login, customer registration, and customer detail modification pages.) If you want to ensure that all requests to the admin script (admin.php) are done through HTTPS, you ll simply need to add this code at the beginning of admin.php: < php // Load Smarty library and config files require_once 'include/app_top.php'; // Enforce page to be accessed through HTTPS if (USE_SSL != 'no' and getenv('HTTPS') != 'on') { header ('Location: https://' . getenv('SERVER_NAME') . getenv('REQUEST_URI')); exit(); } Note that the secure connection isn t enforced if the USE_SSL constant defined in config.php is set to no. Setting the constant to no may be useful when developing the web site if you don t have access to an SSL-enabled server.
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ment is located at the headquarters, whose network consists of three subnets behind a
D. <profile>
The next step is to finish the class definition by creating your properties and methods. For this example, these items are covered in Practice 2 of this lesson.
11. The Power of Variable Names
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