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Advanced MSBuild Topics
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DeclarativeCatalogPart When building a WebPart page, you can add parts dynamically or declaratively . Adding parts to a page dynamically means executing code that adds parts to the page at run time . For example, imagine you have a Web Part represented as a class named MyWebPart (ultimately derived from System.Web.UI.Controls.WebParts) . You can add the part to the page by creating an instance of the part and adding it to the WebPartManager using WebPartManager. AddWebPart . Adding parts to a page declaratively means including tag declarations in the ASPX file representing the WebPart page . The DeclarativeCatalogPart control manages server-side controls added declaratively to a catalog on a Web page . PageCatalogPart One way end users will probably want to customize a site is by opening and closing controls . The PageCatalogPart represents a page catalog for holding controls that were previously added to a page that are now closed . By managing the controls in a PageCatalogPart, you can make it so that users can add controls back to the page . ImportCatalogPart With the ImportCatalogPart, users can import a Web Part description from XML data . AppearanceEditorPart The AppearanceEditorPart is used to edit the appearance properties of an associated WebPart or GenericWebPart .
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FIGURE 6-7 PrintMessage target result
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35. Where to Find More Information
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If you created a USB flash drive with configuration settings for your wireless network, plug it into the computer that you want to add to the wireless network. When the AutoPlay dialog box appears, click Wireless Network Setup Wizard. Click OK a couple of times, and you re done! To confirm that your computer is part of the network, open the Network folder (click Start, Network), and you should be able to see other computers and devices on your network.
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Dynamic Data, XBAP, MVC, AJAX, and Silverlight
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Inline arrays are typically used for scenarios that involve interoperating with unmanaged code where the unmanaged data structure also has an inline array . However, inline arrays can be used in other scenarios as well . The InlineArrayDemo method in the code shown earlier offers an example of how to use an inline array . The InlineArrayDemo method performs the same function as the StackallocDemo method; it just does it in a different way .
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8. 9.
a check box, that means the item is checked out and is being edited by you or another user. If you clicked the item in the past (which automatically checks it out) and then left the web page or closed the browser window without clicking the Close button, the item remains checked out. You need the item checked in before it can be deleted. Select Tools Global Checkin to check in all items on the Joomla site.
Programming Language Primitive Types
Figure 27-7 This dialog box shows add-ons currently in use by Internet Explorer as well as those you e blocked.
the depth of analysis presented in Gilb s book, but some readers may find Beck s presentation more accessible or more directly applicable to the kind of project they re working on.
Appendix B
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