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VPN Deployment
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Using Netsh to Manage IPSec
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The View Model Class
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FIGURE 4-22 Unordered clustered index scan
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Note If you don t have the php5apach2_2.dll file in your PHP folder, you can get it in the packages you
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1. In the Ribbon, select Insert/Illustrations/SmartArt . 2. In the Choose a SmartArt Graphic dialog box, select a thematic group of objects . If you re not yet sure which you want to use (which would put you at a serious disadvantage here if you need to fulfill a specific task), select All . 3. Take a look at the basic shapes, and decide which best suits your ideas or requirements . 4. For more information about any object, you can click its icon and read the sometimes very useful text that appears on the right of the dialog box . Note that important technical information is also provided here (for example, in relation to object-specific restrictions) . 5. Click OK to add the object to your worksheet . Now let the designing begin!
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Working with the Console
Creating PivotTable and PivotChart Reports
One of the big changes for ASP programmers moving from VBScript to Visual Basic .NET is the introduction of stronger typing of variables. Although it was possible to require declaration of variables in VBScript, it wasn t possible to declare specific types. Statements such as the following were possible: Dim X X="Hello There" X=7 Response.Write(X) In this example, the variable X is set to a string, and in the next line, it s set to an integer. The result of the Response.Write method is a string containing the number 7. This is possible because all variables in VBScript are the Variant type. To help catch potential data conversion errors, Visual Basic .NET has a new statement named Option Strict that is stricter than Option Explicit. Using Option Strict will cause Visual Basic .NET to generate an error if a data type conversion results in data loss, if a variable is undeclared, or if a variable is late bound.. This isn t news to most non Visual Basic programmers, but for Visual Basic .NET programmers trying to create professional, reliable applications, it s a huge step forward.
dynamic e = new System.Dynamic.ExpandoObject(); e.x = 6; // Add an Int32 'x' property whose value is 6 e.y = "Jeff"; // Add a String 'y' property whose value is "Jeff" e.z = null; // Add an Object 'z' property whose value is null // See all the properties and their values: foreach (var v in (IDictionary<String, Object>)e) Console.WriteLine("Key={0}, V={1}", v.Key, v.Value);
14 Chars, Strings, and Working with Text
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