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Note If the data source gets its data out of a file (such as an Access database or an XML file), an early expiration is forced as soon as the timestamp of the file changes. This occurs no matter what the natural expiration time would be.
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In the preceding build script, we declare the Con guration property to have the value Debug, and this is the value that was printed in the PrintCon g target. Inside the PrintCon g2 target the CreateProperty task is used to override the existing value with Release. We can see that this works as expected: The value for the Con guration property was successfully overwritten. If you are using MSBuild 3.5, feel free to use the easier-to-use syntax, but remember that if you need to use your scripts for use with MSBuild 2.0, these features are not available. You can use MSBuild 3.5 scripts and target .NET 2.0. To build assemblies for a speci c framework version, you can specify the property TargetFrameworkVersion to be either v2.0, v3.0, or v3.5. There is also an attribute on the project element, ToolsVersion. This determines which version of .NET tools is used to build the project. The valid values are 2.0, 3.0, and 3.5. If this is set to 2.0, then only 2.0 assemblies can be created. When declaring new dynamic properties, or modifying existing properties, you use the CreateProperty task; similarly, you can use the CreateItem task to create dynamic items. This task can also append to existing items, as well as creating new items.
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The user-defined members of an enum are restricted to the set of public name/value pairs contained within the enum. Enums do not support user-defined inheritance, but all enums implicitly derive from System.Enum, which derives from System.ValueType and ultimately from System.Object. The System.Enum class provides a number of static methods for working with enum member names and values, summarized in Table 5-5.
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void ShowHelp ( void ) ; // The break handler. BOOL WINAPI CtrlBreakHandler ( DWORD dwCtrlType ) ; // Display functions void DisplayCreateProcessEvent ( CREATE_PROCESS_DEBUG_INFO & stCPDI ) ; void DisplayCreateThreadEvent ( DWORD CREATE_THREAD_DEBUG_INFO ) ; void DisplayExitThreadEvent ( DWORD dwTID , ) ; EXIT_THREAD_DEBUG_INFO & stETDI void DisplayDllLoadEvent ( HANDLE hProcess , ) ; dwTID & , stCTDI
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released version of the .NET Framework. The process of accessing data using ADO.NET isn t terribly different from what you re used to in ADO. First an OleDbConnection object is created. (Note that unlike ADO used in Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript), Set is not used when assigning a new instance to your variable.) When the OleDbCommand object is created, I pass a SQL string to the constructor. This SQL string will be executed later. I set the Connection property of the OleDbCommand object to the OleDbConnection object created a few lines above, and finally get an OleDbDataReader object by calling the ExecuteReader method of the OleDbCommand object, as follows: dr = cmd.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior.CloseConnection) The parameter passed to ExecuteReader is one of five CommandBehavior values that can be combined as bitwise values. The values in the CommandBehavior enumeration are listed in Table 8-3. Table 8-3 : The CommandBehavior Enumeration Value CloseConnection Description When the command is executed, the associated connection object is closed when the DataReader object is closed. The query returns column and primary key information. The query is executed without locking any of the selected rows. When used, the .NET provider for SQL Server appends a FOR BROWSE clause to the statement. The query returns only schema information. Results are read sequentially to the
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Some developers protest that it is impractical to build every day because their projects are too large. But what was perhaps the most complex software project in recent history used daily builds successfully. By the time it was released, Microsoft Windows 2000 consisted of about 50 million lines of code spread across about tens of thousands of source files. A complete build took as many as 19 hours on several machines, but the NT development team still managed to build every day (Zachary 1994). Far from being a nuisance, the NT team attributed much of its success on that huge project to their daily builds. The larger the project, the more important incremental integration becomes. A review of 104 projects in the U.S., India, Japan, and Europe found that only 20-25 percent of projects used daily builds at either the beginning or middle of
Planning Fault Tolerance and Avoidance
By convention, the name of an interface type is prefixed with an uppercase I. An interface definition can be marked with modifiers such as public, protected, internal, and private in the same way that a class or structure can be marked. Of course, public is used more than 99 percent of the time. These modifiers control the visibility of the interface definition and indicate which referents can see it. Important Nonstatic members of an interface are always considered public and virtual. This can t be changed. However, in C#, if you implement an interface method in a type and omit the virtual keyword, the method is considered virtual and sealed a type derived from the implementing type can t override the method. Although an interface can t inherit another type s implementation, it can inherit the contract of other interfaces (as in the case of ICollection having IEnumerable as a base). In fact, an interface can include the contract of multiple interfaces. When a type "inherits" an interface, that type must implement all the methods defined by the interface and all the methods defined by any of the interface s "inherited" contracts as well. For example, any type that implements the ICollection interface must provide implementations for the CopyTo, Count, IsSynchronized, and SyncRoot members. In addition, the type must also provide an implementation for IEnumerable s GetEnumerator method. The System.ICloneable interface is defined (in MSCorLib.dll) as follows:
ROUND(n[,m]) TRUNC(n[,m]) CEIL(n) FLOOR(n) ABS(n) SIGN(n) SQRT(n) EXP(n) LN(n),LOG(m,n) POWER(n,m) MOD(n,m) SIN(n), COS(n), TAN(n) ASIN(n), ACOS(n), ATAN(n) SINH(n), COSH(n), TANH(n)
The MSBuildTask01.proj le contains a single target Demo. This is the one that we will be invoking from the MSBuild command line. This target uses the MSBuild task to call the PrintMessage target contained in the MSBuildTask01_external.proj le. If you executed the command msbuild.exe MSBuildTask01.proj /t:Demo the result would be what is shown in Figure 7-3.
Figure 11-8 24 points or fewer from 9,344 pieces of data
The Browse For Folder dialog box opens. The default folder in which to save the backed-up database is WINDOWS\System32\Dhcp\Backup. 4. Click OK to accept the default selection. 5. In Windows Explorer, browse to WINDOWS\System32\Dhcp\Backup. In this folder, you will see a file named DhcpCfg. This file contains a backed-up copy of the DHCP database. 6. Right-click the file named DhcpCfg and select Properties. The DhcpCfg Properties dialog box opens. According to the date and time listed next to Modified, the file has been modified just recently. The backup was successful. 7. Click OK to close the DhcpCfg Properties dialog box.
The VPN server is configured with a demand-dial interface, static routes, and PPTP packet filters.
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