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The primary focus of this chapter is to keep each fragment of functionality in your bot loosely coupled to the others. This is an important decision when developing certain types of applications if you plan to extend them in the future. The plan for this bot is to make it as easy to extend, or change, as possible, allowing you to customize it, add features, and make it your own. In terms of the general operation of the chatterbot, your bot will exist within a class, allowing you to replicate bots easily by creating new instances. When you create a bot, it will be blank, except for the logic contained within the class, and you ll pass in a special data file to give it a set of knowledge and a set of responses it can use when conversing with users. User input will be via the keyboard, but the input mechanism will be kept flexible enough so that the bot could easily be used from a web site or elsewhere. Your bot will only have a few public methods to begin with. It needs to be able to load its data file into memory and accept input given by the user, and then return its responses. Behind the scenes, the bot will need to parse what the users say and be able to build up a coherent reply. Therefore, the first step is to begin processing language and recognizing words.
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Requesting On-Demand Loading of a Module After a module is specified as on demand, the application can then ask the module to be loaded. The code that initiates the loading needs to obtain a reference to the IModule Manager service registered with the container by the bootstrapper, as shown in the following example.
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If the Windows Media online database doesn t recognize your disc or if you don t have an internet connection to retrieve the information, Windows Media Player proposes to use generic information in the library and in the ripped files. If you agree to this, the ripped tracks are named by their order on the disc (Track 1, Track 2, and so on), the Album Artist field is identified as Unknown Artist, and the Album and Genre fields are left blank. Windows Media Player creates a new folder called Unknown Artist (if it doesn t already exist), and then creates a subfolder in that location using the current date and time as part of the folder name Unknown Album (11-17-2006 8-26-52 AM), for
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C6 =IF($E6=LARGE($E$6:$E$31,1),1, IF($E6=LARGE($E$6:$E$31,2),2, IF($E6=LARGE($E$6:$E$31,3),3, " ")))
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Just like the other features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can configure detailed security settings for workflow processes. You can secure workflow processes from two perspectives:
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The principal disk-management tool in Windows Vista and the subject of most of this chapter is the Disk Management console. For those who need to incorporate diskmanagement tasks in scripts (as well as for those who simply prefer carrying out administrative tasks at the command prompt), Windows also provides a powerful command-prompt program called Diskpart. Everything that you can do with Disk Management you can also do using Diskpart; you just have to work harder (in our opinion) and more carefully. If you ve worked with the disk-management tools in Windows XP or Windows 2000, you ll find significant improvements in Windows Vista. Most notably, you can now shrink partitions as well as expand them from within the console. If you have a writeable CD or DVD drive, you ll also appreciate Windows Vista s support for the Universal Disk Format (UDF). With UDF, you can write folders and files to CDs and DVDs as easily (if not as quickly) as you can write them to a hard disk. And if, like many others, you rely on portable computers or external hard disks (USB or IEEE 1394 drives) you will be pleased to know that Windows now supports dynamic disks as well as basic disks on those devices.
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To configure the test lab for PPTP access, configure IIS1 to allow members of the DialUsers group to download a Connection Manager profile.
[Flags, Serializable] public enum FileAttributes { ReadOnly = 0x0001, Hidden = 0x0002, System = 0x0004, Directory = 0x0010, Archive = 0x0020, Device = 0x0040, Normal = 0x0080, Temporary = 0x0100, SparseFile = 0x0200, ReparsePoint = 0x0400, Compressed = 0x0800, Offline = 0x1000, NotContentIndexed = 0x2000, Encrypted = 0x4000 }
As many other texts do, we will create a Hello World example. This simple example, which follows, was taken from the HelloWorld.cs le.
ou ve seen many of the web parts that are included with SharePoint in previous chapters, in which we ve used SharePoint web parts to create web part pages. In the last chapter, you learned to create a simple Spreadsheet web part by adding one directly to a web part page from the Web Part Gallery on a Windows SharePoint Services site. In this chapter, we add another tool for Excel and SharePoint integration: the Windows SharePoint Services Spreadsheet Web Part Add-in for Excel 2003. An Excel add-in is a special type of workbook saved using the XLA extension. Add-ins extend the functionality of Excel, and an add-in usually includes code but can also include worksheets. When you open an add-in, it isn t displayed like a normal workbook. It s added to the current workbook s Project Explorer, visible only in the Visual Basic Editor. Most add-ins are password protected; you can see them in Project Explorer, but you cannot view or modify the code. Several Excel add-ins are available on the Microsoft site. You can create your own add-ins simply by saving an Excel workbook using the Add-in file type. With the Windows SharePoint Services Web Part Add-in for Excel 2003, you can create your own web parts in Excel to perform custom calculations or retrieve and display data using an Extensible Markup Language (XML) map. If you haven t worked with XML maps in Excel, you ll find all the information you need to get started in Appendix B.
The ServiceBase class provides support for automated event logging. If the inherited AutoLog property is set to true (the default value), the ServiceBase constructor creates a System.Diagnostics.EventLog. The EventLog.Source property is set to the ServiceName of the
<Target Name="BeforeLabel"> <PropertyGroup> <LabelName>LatestBuild</LabelName> <LabelComment>Label created by Team Build for build $(BuildNumber)</LabelComment> <LabelScope>$/$(TeamProject)/Main</LabelScope> </PropertyGroup> </Target>
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