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Dangers of Kiosks
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Part IV
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Unlike Win32 processes, you can have several AppDomains running within the boundaries of the same .NET Framework application. Individual domains can be stopped without stopping the entire process, but you can't unload only a single assembly within an AppDomain. Managed code running in an AppDomain is carried out by a particular thread. However, threads and AppDomains are orthogonal entities in the sense that you can have several threads active during the execution of the AppDomain's code, but a single thread is in no way limited to running only within the context of a given AppDomain. Location Transparency From an application's standpoint, an external AppDomain can transparently be another AppDomain in the same process, the default AppDomain in another process on the same machine, and even an AppDomain residing on a physically distant machine. All the low-level details that make each of these scenarios unique are transparently 427
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In this section, I discuss partial classes, structures, and interfaces . It should be noted that this feature is offered entirely by the C# compiler (some other compilers also offer this feature); the CLR knows nothing about partial classes, structures, and interfaces . The partial keyword tells the C# compiler that the source code for a single class, structure, or interface definition may span one or more source code files . There are three main reasons why you might want to split the source code for a type across multiple files:
Column Types
// assembly and class name string msg = "Execute a method on class [{0}] from assembly [{1}]"; msg = String.Format(msg, mnuItem.AssemblyName); MessageBox.Show(msg, mnuItem.Text); } In a real-world context, you can use the assembly and class information to dynamically create an instance of the class using the Activator object that we encountered in 12, as follows: // Assuming that the class implements the IAppPlugIn interface // asm is the assembly name, cls is the class name IAppPlugIn o cls).Unwrap() = (IAppPlugIn) Activator.CreateInstance(asm, mnuItem.ClassName,
if ( 1000 < quantity ) { discount = 0.10; } else if ( 100 < quantity ) { discount = 0.05; } else if ( 10 < quantity ) { discount = 0.025; } else { discount = 0; }
All four constructors construct a Timer object identically . The callback parameter identifies the method that you want called back by a thread pool thread . Of course, the callback method that you write must match the System.Threading.TimerCallback delegate type, which is defined as follows:
Part II Designing Types
Case Scenarios Exercises
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