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Part II Solutions
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Part I
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slides are hidden while you use the other program before returning to the Explanation slide.
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Manually Configuring Static Routes on Each VPN Router
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e.Name = "Jeffrey Richter"; String EmployeeName = e.Name; e.Age = 41; e.Age = -5; Int32 EmployeeAge = e.Age; // // // // // "sets" "gets" "sets" Throws "gets" the employee name the employee's name the employee's age ArgumentOutOfRangeException the employee's age
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Page 265 If you want to follow the step-by-step procedures, copy the customizedsampletemplate folder in Windows Explorer, and then rename the folder customizedsampletemplateaudio. This lets you continue customizing the video template so only audio plays. 1. Open your customized presentation template in Notepad. If you want to follow the specific procedures in this section, open the copy of the template named customizedsampletemplate.css in the folder customizedsampletemplateaudio. 2. Change the values for the WMName and WMDesc properties in the #WMTemplate selector as shown below. The value for the WMName property determines the name for the presentation template, while the value for the WMDesc property determines the description that appears in Microsoft Producer. #WMTemplate {WMName: "Custom Standard Audio - Resizable Slides and HTML"; WMDesc: "Customized standard audio template with resizable slide and HTML areas. This template has background images."; } 3. Edit the #MediaPlayer selector as shown below. The #MediaPlayer selector determines the display size and position of video in your presentation. #MediaPlayer {POSITION: relative; HEIGHT: 0px; WIDTH: 0px; } The preceding code hides the video display area by setting the WIDTH and HEIGHT values to 0 pixels. 4. Change #MediaPlayerDiv selector to hide the container area for the video display. This will also hide any background frame image. Enter the code as it appears here. #MediaPlayerDiv {POSITION: absolute; HEIGHT: 0px; WIDTH: 0px; TOP: 0px; LEFT: 0px; }
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If you reload HatShop, you ll now see the cart summary box on the left side of the page. At this point, you still can t add new products to your cart yet because you need to create the cart details page. You ll be able to fully test your cart summary component after you implement the cart details page in the next exercise.
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public partial class Login : System.Web.UI.Page { protected void Login1OnAuthenticate(object sender, AuthenticateEventArgs e) { var repository = new UserRepository(); if (!repository.ValidateUser(this.Login1.UserName, this.Login1.Password)) { e.Authenticated = false; return; } var user = repository.GetUser(this.Login1.UserName); if (user != null) { Session["LoggedUser"] = user; e.Authenticated = true;
Customizing a SharePoint Site
The DynamicImage Control
Domain Name And DNS Servers
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When an application is running, it can ask the CLR if it is running in the Server GC mode by querying the GCSettings class s IsServerGC read-only Boolean property:
Figure 9.15 Warning message for running ActiveX controls.
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