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Temporal Support in the Relational Model
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Table 9-33. Employees Before Deleting Subtree
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The size of public keys makes them difficult to work with . To make things easier for the developer (and for end users too), public key tokens were created . A public key token is a 64-bit hash of the public key . SN .exe s tp switch shows the public key token that corresponds to the complete public key at the end of its output . Now that you know how to create a public/private key pair, creating a strongly named assembly is simple . When you compile your assembly, you use the /keyfile:<file> compiler switch:
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DHCP: IP Address Lease Time = 16 Days, 0:00:00
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should be used with care and caution . In fact, this is why the C# compiler indicates that it doesn t want string interning to be enabled .
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Exception-Handling Performance Considerations
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public function init() { switch ($this->mCartAction) { case ADD_PRODUCT: ShoppingCart::AddProduct($this->mProductId); header('Location: ' . $this->mCartReferrer); break; case REMOVE_PRODUCT: ShoppingCart::RemoveProduct($this->mProductId); break; case UPDATE_PRODUCTS_QUANTITIES: ShoppingCart::Update($_POST['productID'], $_POST['quantity']); break; case SAVE_PRODUCT_FOR_LATER: ShoppingCart::SaveProductForLater($this->mProductId); break; case MOVE_PRODUCT_TO_CART: ShoppingCart::MoveProductToCart($this->mProductId); break; default: // Do nothing break; } // Calculate the total amount for the shopping cart $this->mTotalAmount = ShoppingCart::GetTotalAmount(); // Get shopping cart products $this->mCartProducts = ShoppingCart::GetCartProducts(GET_CART_PRODUCTS); // Gets the Saved for Later products $this->mSavedCartProducts = ShoppingCart::GetCartProducts(GET_CART_SAVED_PRODUCTS); // Check whether we have an empty shopping cart if (count($this->mCartProducts) == 0) $this->mIsCartNowEmpty = 1; // Check whether we have an empty Saved for Later list
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FIGURE 14-3 Accessing workflow processes from a record
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Visual Basic .NET
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Description A DHCP server event ID code
running the Basic, Scaffolded app
When running in side-by-side mode, WCF services hosted by IIS are colocated with ASP .NET applications composed of ASPX files and ASMX files (and ASCX and ASHX files when necessary) . ASP .NET files and WCF services reside inside a single, common application domain (AppDomain) . When run this way, ASP .NET provides common infrastructure services such as AppDomain management and dynamic compilation for both WCF and the ASP .NET HTTP runtime . WCF runs in side-by-side mode with ASP .NET by default . When running in side-by-side mode, the ASP .NET runtime manages only ASP .NET requests . Requests intended for a WCF service go straight to the WCF-based service . Although the ASP .NET runtime does not participate in processing the requests, there are some specific ramifications of running in side-by-side mode . First, ASP .NET and WCF services can share AppDomain state . This includes such items as static variables and public events . Although it shares an AppDomain with ASP .NET, WCF runs independently some features you might count on when working with ASP .NET become unavailable . Probably the major restriction is that there s no such thing as a current HttpContext from within a WCF service (despite the architectural similarity of WCF to the ASP .NET runtime pipeline) . Architecturally speaking, WCF can communicate over many different protocols, including but not limited to HTTP, so an HTTP-specific context might not even make sense in many scenarios . Second, authentication and authorization can get a bit tricky . For example, a client might be authenticated on an ASP .NET site using Forms Authentication, and then suddenly require reauthentication to accommodate a service call if the service call requires a different authentication scheme . In this case, the site might need to support two authentication and authorization schemes . Even though WCF applications do not interfere with ASP .NET applications, WCF applications can access various parts of the ASP .NET infrastructure such as the application data cache . In fact, this chapter s example shows one approach to accessing the cache .
After you create a control, the next step is to configure it . Only a few simple steps are required in this case (as opposed to ActiveX controls) . At least, they are simple and easy to follow if you ve followed the conventions of the rS1 .Method by creating relevant definition ranges in the Lists 1 worksheet and assigned the correct names to these according to the method (see Figure 7-2) .
for ( i = firstItem; i < lastItem; i++ ) { data[ i ] = 0; }
you configure the VPN server for Windows authentication or for RADIUS authentication and the RADIUS server is a computer running IAS, the default remote access policy rejects all types of connection attempts unless the remote access permission of the user account s dial-in properties is set to Allow Access. If you want to manage authorization and connection parame ters by group or by type of connection, you must configure custom remote access policies. For more information, see the Remote Access Policies sec tion later in this chapter.
payment processor instead. Now we no longer need the PayPal shopping cart because we implemented our own in the previous chapter. Instead, we ll use the Single Item Purchases option of PayPal, which redirects the visitor directly to a payment page.
public class TaskCompletionSource<TResult> { public TaskCompletionSource(); public TaskCompletionSource(Object state, TaskCreationOptions creationOptions); public void SetCanceled(); public void SetException(IEnumerable<Exception> exceptions); public void SetResult(TResult result); public Task<TResult> Task { get; } // Less important methods not shown }
The second variation of the start command provides the same functionality as the rst but mimics the syntax of the start command in Team Build 2005:
protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { QuotesCollection quotesCollection; DateTime dtCurrent = DateTime.Now; Trace.Warn("Page_Load", "Testing cache: " + dtCurrent.ToString()); quotesCollection = (QuotesCollection)Cache["QuotesCollection"]; if (quotesCollection == null) { quotesCollection = new QuotesCollection(); quotesCollection.Synthesize(); TimeSpan tsExpires = new TimeSpan(0, 0, 15); dtCurrent = DateTime.Now; Trace.Warn("Page_Load", "Caching at: " + dtCurrent.ToString()); Trace.Warn("Page_Load", "This entry will expire in: " + tsExpires.ToString()); Cache.Insert("QuotesCollection", quotesCollection, null, DateTime.MaxValue, tsExpires);
routing by checking the General tab in the Properties dialog box of an answering router in the Routing And Remote Access snap-in.
array with 10,000 entries (from 0 through 9999). The array is empty except for the 100 entries that correspond to part numbers of the 100 items in your warehouse. As Figure 18-4 shows, those entries point to an item-description table that has far fewer than 10,000 entries.
such a system provides the optimal solution in terms of the number of weights required to weigh any object. With a set of weights that are consecutive powers of 3 starting with 1 and on (1, 3, 9, 27, 81, . . .) whose sum is s, you can express any number in the range s through s. In our case, only the positive numbers are relevant. So in order to be able to weigh any w in the range 1 through n, you need the sum of the values represented by the trits to be greater than or equal to n. This time, the common ratio of our geometric sequence is 3. The simpli ed sum of the geometric sequence is (3num_weights 1) 2. To represent any integer in the range 1 through n, the minimum number of weights required is ceiling(log3(2 n+1)).
To obtain the set of interfaces that a type inherits, you can call Type s FindInterfaces, GetInterface, or GetInterfaces method . All of these methods return Type objects that represent an interface . Note that these methods scan the type s inheritance hierarchy and return all of the interfaces defined on the specified type as well as all of its base types . Determining which members of a type implement a particular interface is a little complicated because multiple interface definitions can all define the same method . For example, the IBookRetailer and IMusicRetailer interfaces might both define a method named Purchase . To get the MethodInfo objects for a specific interface, you call Type s GetInterfaceMap instance method passing the interface type as an argument . This method returns an instance of a System.Reflection.InterfaceMapping (a value type) . The InterfaceMapping type defines the four public fields listed in Table 23-3 .
Using the Site Map Web Server Control
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