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A. Correct: You can write LINQ queries against any object that implements IEnumerable or a
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Figure 3-17. Heap
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use today. Digital media files that use this format typically have the.mp3 file name extension and can be played back in nearly any audio player or portable music jukebox. M3U files use a text-based metafile format to define playlists, typically made up of MP3 files.
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All the work of this page is done in the Page_Load method. The SqlDataSet object provides a GetXml method that returns a string containing the XML for the data in the data set. To create a SqlDataSet object, I use the SqlDataAdapter class that acts as a bridge between the underlying SQL Server database and a SqlDataSet. The Fill method of the SqlDataAdapter actually fills the SqlDataSet. Once I have a SqlDataSet, I call GetXml and save the returned value in a string variable named xmlStr. Notice that I ve added the System.IO namespace to the using clauses. ASP.NET applications don t normally use this namespace; however, it s required to write files. The FileStream class provides access to files. After the FileStream object is created for the XML file, I create a new StreamWriter object, passing in the FileStream object. If you re looking through the class hierarchy, you might be tempted to use the TextWriter class, but you can t, because TextWriter is an abstract class that can t be directly instantiated. I call the Write method on the StreamWriter object and pass in the XML string. Once the Write method completes, I close the StreamWriter object. The finally clause closes the database connection. The XML file will be written relative to the System32 directory if the path passed in isn t an absolute path. This is a bit of a surprise, but when you think about it, it makes sense that the current working directory of the ASP.NET process is the System32 directory. Figure 8-6 shows the Territories XML file displayed in Internet Explorer.
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TABLE 25-1
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Dynamic Data, XBAP, MVC, AJAX, and Silverlight
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You can observe many interesting things when analyzing the graph. For example, you can clearly see which plans are based on selectivity and which aren't. And also, you can see the selectivity point at which one plan becomes better than another. Similarly, Table 3-17 shows summary performance statistics of the query cost vs. selectivity. Table Scan/Unordered Clustered Index Scan 19.621100 19.621100 19.621100 19.621100 19.621100 19.621100 19.621100
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you must enable it manually. To enable the RACAgent scheduled task or to check on its status, follow these steps:
C06620245.fm Page 184 Tuesday, June 8, 2004 6:05 PM
Configuring Dial-In Properties of the User Account . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-24
BS adds to the system administrator s toolkit a complete command-line interface for managing disks DiskPart.exe. This command-line utility is scriptable or can
A. Incorrect: View state information is not stored in the URL, and therefore is lost if the URL
Stub zones are most frequently used to keep track of the name servers authoritative for delegated zones. Most often, stub zones are hosted on the parent DNS servers of those delegated zones. A DNS server that has delegated a child zone to a different DNS server is usually informed of new authoritative DNS servers added to the child zone only when the resource records for these new DNS servers are added to the parent zone manually. With stub zones, a DNS server can host a stub zone for one of its delegated (child) zones and obtain updates of that zone s authoritative servers whenever additional name servers are added to the master zone. This functionality is explained in the fol lowing example, illustrated in Figure 5-34.
You ll cover the three steps of BBP through the chapters of the book as follows: Step 1: Choose a story thread and a pattern to follow. 4 walks you through planning the rst ve slides of the presentation by completing Act I of the story template. Step 2: Pull through what s most important rst. 5 walks you through planning the priority and sequence of the rest of the slides in the presentation.
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