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<asp:textbox runat="server id="LastName /> <asp:requiredfieldvalidator runat="server text="*" errormessage="Must indicate last name setfocusonerror="true controltovalidate="LastName /> </td></tr> <tr><td height="100px"></td></tr> </table> <asp:validationsummary runat="server displaymode="List /> </div> </asp:wizardstep>
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2 . . Add the code necessary to make a Web request to the program . Visual Studio places the entry point of the Console application in a file named Program .cs . (This file is the code that appears in the code window by default .) The code you add for making a Web request is shown in bold type in the following lines of code:
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Swapping drive letters between two volumes
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Before you start your SBS 2008 migration, you should read and understand this chapter and Microsoft s migration guide titled Migrate to Windows Small Business Server 2008 from Windows Small Business Server 2003 at This migration guide will be updated as issues arise and are resolved, so you should always check the Web site for the most current information. The steps in a successful migration are as follows:
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The C# compiler will implicitly box value types as required for example, invoking a function member of a struct or passing a value type where an object is expected. Given the overheads associated with boxing, overuse can affect program performance. Where performance is an issue, you should write programs to avoid the unnecessary use of implicit boxing.
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You can also write code to exercise selected pieces of a program systematically. A few years ago, I developed a proprietary encryption algorithm and wrote a file-encryption program to use it. The intent of the program was to encode a file so that it could be decoded only with the right password. The encryption didn t just change the file superficially; it altered the entire contents. It was critical that the program be able to decode a file properly, since the file would be ruined otherwise.
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Choosing a font scheme is no easy task. The fonts used for your site should be selected for taste as well as availability. If you were to select a font like Smudger LET, the odds are low that a majority of users would have that font on their system. Therefore, if you insisted the text appear in that font, any content that used such a font would need to be rendered as a graphic. Using a lot of rendered text makes maintaining a site onerous with the additional drawback that the technique is not very search-engine friendly, as explained in the Search Engine Considerations and CSS section earlier in this chapter. With CSS definition, the display of a web page is created using styles as a set of guidelines more than a set of rules. A modern browser on a current system will be able to display exactly what the designer intended. However, on a less current system, the web visitor will still get a decent approximation of the design intent. One of the ways CSS achieves this flexibility is by providing a feature known as font alternatives. Font alternatives are a great example of providing power to the web designer and, at the same time, trying to respect the user with the lowest common denominator system. For a cutting-edge web page, a web designer may want to use a font such as Gill Sans MT Condensed to achieve just the right look. However, if the font is unavailable on the visitor s browser (fairly likely if a cell phone browser is used), the site presentation may be ruined, especially if the browser display fails outright or substitutes an inappropriate monospaced font. The designer can minimize this problem by using a CSS file with font alternates. Here is an example of a line using font alternatives:
6 The Silverlight Browser Object
FIGURE 23-7 Advanced drive options are available during installation of Windows Server 2008.
bulk.WriteToServer(reader); connTgt.Close(); reader.Close(); connSrc.Close(); bulk.Close();
Creating Launch Conditions
Writing and Working with HTTP Modules and Web Services
Occasionally, you might want to create a bunch of Task objects that share the same state . To keep you from having to pass the same parameters to each Task s constructor over and over again, you can create a task factory that encapsulates the common state . The System.Threading.Tasks namespace defines a TaskFactory type as well as a TaskFactory<TResult> type . Both of these types are derived from System.Object; that is, they are peers of each other . If you want to create a bunch of tasks that have no return values, then you will construct a TaskFactory . If you want to create a bunch of tasks that have a specific return value, then you will construct a TaskFactory<TResult> where you pass the task s desired return type for the generic TResult argument . When you create one of these task factory classes, you pass to its constructor the defaults that you want the tasks that the factory creates to
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