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Modifying Data
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Configuring Zone Properties and Transfers
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Custom Tasks
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As we mentioned previously, you will only see the Microsoft Dynamics CRM grid style if the SharePoint 2010 site has the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 List Component installed. If you add a document location from a SharePoint 2007 site or a SharePoint 2010 site that does not have the list component installed, the interface shows an IFrame around the SharePoint site, as shown in Figure 4-21.
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This device is disabled. (Code 22) This device is not present, is not working properly, or does not have all its drivers installed. (Code 24) The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)
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Run, Automation, Run!
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// Begin executing the command IAsyncResult ar = cmd.BeginExecuteReader( new AsyncCallback(PopulateRepeaterCallback), cmd);
B. Incorrect: The CNAME record associates a number of host names (or aliases) with the same IP address, not vice versa. C. Incorrect: The PTR resource record is used to resolve IP addresses to host names, which is not what this scenario requires. D. Incorrect: You implement round robin by having several host records that all have the same host name or FQDN, but different IP addresses. It makes no differ ence whether these records are held in an Active Directory integrated primary zone file, a standard primary zone file, or a secondary zone file.
The Segment operator arranges the data in groups and emits a group at a time to the next operator (Top in our case). Our query requests the orders with the maximum orderid per orderdate. Fortunately, we have a covering index for the task (idx_unc_od_oid_i_cid_eid), with the key columns being (orderdate, orderid) and included nonkey columns being (custid, empid). I ll elaborate on included nonkey columns later in the chapter. The important point for our discussion is that the segment operator organizes the data by groups of orderdate values and emits the data, a group at a time, where the last row in each group is the maximum orderid in the group; because orderid is the second key column right after orderdate. Therefore, the plan doesn t need to sort the data; rather, the plan just collects it with an ordered scan from the covering index, which is already sorted by orderdate and orderid. The Top operator has a simple task of just collecting the last row (TOP 1 descending), which is the row of interest for the group. The number of rows reported by the Top operator is 1491, which is the number of unique groups (orderdate values), each of which got a single row from the operator. Because our nonclustered index covers the query by including in its leaf level all other columns that are mentioned in the query (custid, empid), there s no need to look up the data rows; the query is satis ed by the index data alone. Here are the performance measures I got for this query:
Certainly, the most obvious use of generics is with collection classes, and the FCL defines several generic collection classes available for your use . Most of these classes can be found in the System.Collections.Generic namespace and the System.Collections.ObjectModel namespace . There are also thread-safe generic collection classes available in the System.Collections.Concurrent namespace . Microsoft recommends that programmers use the generic collection classes and now discourages use of the non-generic collection classes for several reasons . First, the non-generic collection classes are not generic, and so you don t get the type safety, cleaner code, and better performance that you get when you use generic collection classes . Second, the generic classes have a better object model than the non-generic classes . For example, fewer methods are virtual, resulting in better performance, and new members have been added to the generic collections to provide new functionality . The collection classes implement many interfaces, and the objects that you place into the collections can implement interfaces that the collection classes use for operations such as sorting and searching . The FCL ships with many generic interface definitions so that the benefits of generics can be realized when working with interfaces as well . The commonly used interfaces are contained in the System.Collections.Generic namespace .
A slug name is a string where all whitespace and invalid characters are replaced with a hyphen (-). The term comes from the newsprint industry and has nothing to do with those things in your garden!
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7 The Silverlight Browser Bridge
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