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Windows Security Fundamentals
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your bank details, so that the Ovi Store can pay you for your share of sales revenue for your content. When providing this information, you ll need: The payment type (for example, bank wire transfer). Your bank s name and bank code. Your bank account number. An e-mail to which Nokia will send information about payments to your account. Optionally (it s a good idea), your bank s street address and city.
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Table of Contents
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Configure Routing And Remote Access User Authentication
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We start by creating an instance of the serializable class, named SimpleClass, and set the values for the private variables. We then create a FileStream that will be used to store the serialized data, followed by a BinaryFormatter. The formatter is created with this statement:
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Visual Basic Example of a Side-Effect Problem
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Team Foundation Build
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It will produce this optimized query plan: insert [dbo].[T] select *, %%bmk%% from [dbo].[T] |--Index Insert(OBJECT:([db].[dbo].[T].[i])) |--Sort(ORDER BY:([db].[dbo].[T].[a] ASC, [db].[dbo].[T].[b] ASC, [Bmk1000] ASC)) |--Table Scan(OBJECT:([db].[dbo].[T]))
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10. Streams, Files, and I/O
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Creator Constructors DateTime(long) DateTime(various)
Open a new, blank PowerPoint presentation, and on the View tab, in the Presentation Views group, click Slide Sorter, as shown in Figure 2-2. Although you might be used to looking at Slide Sorter view only occasionally, if ever, the rst trick of BBP is to always begin working in PowerPoint in this view. You ll do that starting in 6 after you nish writing the outline for your presentation. If you re wondering why it s so important to bump up the status of this little-used view to the most important way to look at your presentations, you need to step out of the PowerPoint mindset altogether for a bit and ask some uncommon questions rst.
4 shows how binary custom controls render custom HTML to the browser . The factor most distinguishing this kind of control is that these controls override the RenderContents method . Remember, the System.Web.UI.Page class manages a list of server-side controls . When ASP .NET asks the whole page to render, it goes to each control on the page and asks it to render . In the case of a rendering control, the control simply pushes some text into the stream bound for the browser . Likewise, when the page rendering mechanism encounters a composite-style control, the composite control walks its list of child controls, asking each one to render just as the Page walks its own list of controls . Composite controls can contain an arbitrary collection of controls (as many children as memory will accommodate), and the controls can be nested as deeply as necessary . Of course, there s a practical limit to the number and depth of the child controls . Adding too many controls or nesting them too deeply adds complexity to a page, and it can become unsightly . In addition, adding too many nested controls can greatly inhibit the performance of the application it takes time to walk the control collection and have each one render . In 4, you created a control that checks for palindromes . When the control s Text property is set to a palindrome, the control renders the palindrome in blue text, adds it to an ArrayList, and then renders the contents of the palindrome collection as a table . Here, you build a similar control; however, this time it is a composite control .
The AsyncEnumerator Class
Similarly, Table 4-11 shows summary performance statistics of the query cost versus selectivity. Figure 4-62 shows a graph based on the data in Table 4-11.
Thread priorities in .NET are handled in much the same way as in Java. The .NET Thread class has a property named Priority, which controls the thread's priority level using the enumeration System.Threading.ThreadPriority. Five priority levels are defined in .NET, vs. 10 in Java, and they are (in descending priority): Highest, AboveNormal, Normal, BelowNormal, and Lowest. By default, threads are created with Normal priority. As with Java, the scheduling of threads is driven by the underlying operating system. The operating system is not required to honor thread priorities. There is no direct equivalent of the Java yield method in .NET. To ensure that threads of equal priority execute in a .NET application, use Thread.Sleep(0).
When the .NET Framework first shipped, the recommended way for developers to raise an event was by using code similar to this:
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