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Universal Scope
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You re missing one navigation tool: a link from the home page to the web part page. If the Links library isn t being used, you can add a single link, turn off the toolbar, and choose None as the frame style to create the link. Alternatively, you can use a Content Editor Web Part and add a hyperlink to the web part page. Figure 7-20 shows the new home page for the sales team.
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What s Good About User Controls
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Under the Refresh tab, check the Refresh resources upon completion box, choose the radio button labeled The project containing the selected resource , and check Recursively include sub-folders as shown in Figure 3-12.
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1. Beginning on Monday, you find that you can no longer ping some of your network clients. When you consult Monday s DHCP server log file, you find the fol lowing event:
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As we mentioned briefly at the beginning of this chapter, the Setup program in Windows Vista is unlike that found in any previous Windows version. The re-engineered process is specifically designed to go very quickly, with an absolute minimum of attention required from you. In this section, we ll explain the ins and outs of the most common scenarios you ll confront when installing or upgrading Windows Vista on a single PC. We assume that you have a bootable DVD containing a full copy of Windows Vista, suitable for use in a clean install or upgrade. (If you have only a CD drive and no DVD drive, you can contact Microsoft and ask for the five-CD package; see the product documentation for details on acquiring alternative media.)
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Listing 9-12. Management chain of employee 8, CTE solution
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Part I Introducing Silverlight 3
FIGURE 5-20 Keep in mind how your Detail headlines will become the foundation for a visual story you tell across the corresponding slides in the storyboard.
Programming Model Soup
Using the IP Routing Node
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