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Sorting a Million Numbers
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the developer of BetterPhone couldn t use the method names Dial and EstablishConnection. This would most likely cause a ripple effect of changes throughout the entire source code base, breaking source and binary compatibility . This type of pervasive change is undesirable, especially in any moderate-to-large project . However, if changing the method name causes only moderate updates in the source code, you should change the name of the methods so the two different meanings of Dial and EstablishConnection don t confuse other developers .
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After loading data into your system, of course you want to make sure the database remains free of too many duplicate records. Fortunately, Microsoft Dynamics CRM includes duplicate detection functionality to help you maintain the integrity of your data. Duplicate detection consists of three main areas:
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tion bandwidth to avoid interfering with your normal use of the connection. If you use the automatic installation option, Windows Update installs any updates it has downloaded at the time you specify (3:00 AM by default). If your computer is in a low-power sleep state at that time and if your computer is connected to AC power, Windows Update wakes the computer to perform the installation. (If your sleeping computer is not plugged in, Windows Update waits until the next scheduled installation time.) If you have either the download, but don t install or check, but don t download or install options selected, Windows Update notifies you with a pop-up message when new updates are available for your review.
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You can display multiple calendars in Side-by-Side Mode.
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24. Refactoring
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In this example, two separate modules, RUT .netmodule and FUT .netmodule, are created . Neither module is an assembly because they don t contain manifest metadata tables . Then a third file is produced: JeffTypes .dll, which is a small DLL PE file (because of the /t[arget]:library switch) that contains no IL code but has manifest metadata tables indicating that RUT .netmodule and FUT .netmodule are part of the assembly . The resulting assembly consists of three files: JeffTypes .dll, RUT .netmodule, and FUT .netmodule . The Assembly Linker has no way to combine multiple files into a single file . The AL .exe utility can also produce CUI and GUI PE files by using the /t[arget]:exe or /t[arget]:winexe command-line switches . But this is very unusual since it would mean that you d have an EXE PE file with just enough IL code in it to call a method in another module . You can specify which method in a module should be used as an entry point by adding the /main command-line switch when invoking AL .exe . The following is an example of how to call the Assembly Linker, AL .exe, by using the /main command-line switch:
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Cisco s Layer 2 Forwarding, which evolved through the IETF standards process
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Page 30
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-- Input validation IF @query IS NULL OR @on_rows IS NULL OR @on_cols IS NULL OR @agg_func IS NULL OR @agg_col IS NULL BEGIN RAISERROR('Invalid input parameters.', 16, 1); RETURN; END BEGIN TRY DECLARE @sql AS NVARCHAR(MAX), @cols AS NVARCHAR(MAX), @newline AS NVARCHAR(2); SET @newline = NCHAR(13) + NCHAR(10); -- If input is a valid table or view -- construct a SELECT statement against it IF COALESCE(OBJECT_ID(@query, N'U'), OBJECT_ID(@query, N'V')) IS NOT NULL SET @query = N'SELECT * FROM ' + @query; -- Make the query a derived table SET @query = N'(' + @query + N') AS Query'; -- Handle * input in @agg_col IF @agg_col = N'*' SET @agg_col = N'1'; -- Construct column list SET @sql = N'SET @result = '
11 Preparing Others for BBP with a 5-Minute Exercise
Part II Programming Silverlight 3 with .NET
<UserControl x:Class="Ch3_CanvasPanel.MainPage" xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml/presentation" xmlns:x="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml" Width="400" Height="300"> <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White"> <Canvas Background="Green" Width="300" Height="200"> <Button Width="100" Height="30" Content="Button 1" /> </Canvas> </Grid> </UserControl> 5. Figure 3-3 shows the button within the canvas.
This lesson presents a procedural guide that you can use to troubleshoot DHCP fail ures. As with most such guides, you should modify the order of recommended trou bleshooting procedures to suit the needs of your particular situation. The following pages nonetheless provide a schematic overview that will help you to organize DHCP troubleshooting in the future.
Deploying Site-to-Site VPNs |
@side1 = side1 @side2 = side2 @side3 = side3 end def area @base_width * @height / 2 end def perimeter @side1 + @side2 + @side3 end end
When you define a delegate in C# source code, the compiler always produces a class that has BeginInvoke and EndInvoke methods . The BeginInvoke method has the same parameters as the delegate definition, with two additional parameters at the end: AsyncCallback and Object . All BeginInvoke methods return an IAsyncResult . The EndInvoke method has one parameter, an IAsyncResult, and the EndInvoke method returns whatever data type the delegate s signature returns . Now that you understand all of this, using a delegate to execute a compute-bound operation is trivial because it follows the APM pattern we ve been talking about . Here is some code that shows how to call Sum asynchronously:
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