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Aggregating and Pivoting Data
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The System.Exception Class
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Creating Websites with ASP.NET MVC 2
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Match zero or more occurrences of the preceding character, and match as many as possible. Match one or more occurrences of the preceding character, and match as many as possible. Match zero or more occurrences of the preceding character, and match as few as possible. Match one or more occurrences of the preceding character, and match as few as possible. Match either one or none of the preceding character. Match x occurrences of the preceding character. Match at least x occurrences and at most y occurrences.
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SELECT col2 FROM dbo.T1 WHERE keycol = 2; COMMIT TRAN
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You need to insert a closed parenthesis to close the SUM function, and another one to add 100 to the SUM before multiplying by Column1. Although SharePoint automatically adds a closed parenthesis to an expression that contains a function, it might add it incorrectly without invoking an error. Look at the following example:
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Includes a Highly Configurable and Extensible Development Framework
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settings exported from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Doing so might cause the import process to fail.
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Visual Basic Example of Clearer Code
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visualization because the unfavorable crossing in the lines of the two data series is not particularly eye-catching at first . Nevertheless, the line chart, though not ideal in this version and for this particular purpose, was retained because its main focus is still on the periodic development of the data .
Internet service providers use the Assign A Static IP Address feature to provide customers with a reserved IP address at an extra cost. Now that you know how easy a reserved IP address is to configure, don t let your ISP charge you an exorbitant fee for one!
User Account Control (UAC) UAC reduces the inherent danger of using an administrator account for everyday tasks by requesting your consent when an application needs to do something with system-wide effect which includes virtu-
5: Web Forms
omputers too slow to adequately run a Windows XP operating system can be put to use as Terminal Server clients. In this con guration, users connect to
Creating and Using Custom Service Accounts
Download at
For more information about the various 2007 Microsoft Office system versions, go to
One problem with phased integration is that when the classes in a system are put together for the first time, new problems inevitably surface and the causes of the problems could be anywhere. Since you have a large number of classes that have never worked together before, the culprit might be a poorly tested classes, an error in the interface between two classes, or an error caused by an interaction between two classes. All classes are suspect.
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