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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
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private sealed class NonMBRO : Object { public Int32 x; } private sealed class MBRO : MarshalByRefObject { public Int32 x; } private static void FieldAccessTiming(){ const Int32 count = 10000000; NonMBRO nonMbro = new NonMBRO(); MBRO mbro = new MBRO(); Int64 time = Stopwatch.GetTimestamp(); for (Int32 c = 0; c < count; c++) nonMbro.x++; Console.WriteLine( {0:N0} , Stopwatch.GetTimestamp() - time); time = Stopwatch.GetTimestamp(); for (Int32 c = 0; c < count; c++) mbro.x++; Console.WriteLine( {0:N0} , Stopwatch.GetTimestamp() - time); }
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echnically, Windows Vista is just the latest in a long line of business-class operating systems that started with Windows NT more than a decade ago. Practically, the changes in this new member of the Windows family are equal parts evolution and revolution. In some ways, that s not surprising. The gap between Windows XP and Windows Vista spanned more than five years. In operating system terms, that s two generations. So it s not surprising that Windows Vista incorporates a broad swath of platform pieces and infrastructure, including sweeping changes to networking and security, support for new classes of hardware, new capabilities for creating and playing digital media, and a distinctive new interface. In this chapter, we briefly introduce the new and notable features and capabilities in Windows Vista.
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EXEC dbo.GetOrders '20060101';
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using System; using System.Diagnostics; public class EventLogReader { public static void Main() { // Create the EventLog instance and open the // "Application" log EventLog log = new EventLog("Application"); // Get the collection of log entries EventLogEntryCollection entries = log.Entries; // Declare a counter int count = 0; // Loop through the entries and count occurrences for // the "MyApp" source foreach (EventLogEntry entry in entries) { if (entry.Source == "MyApp") count++; } // Display count information for the source to the console Console.WriteLine("Logged events for MyApp = {0}", count);
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Role-based security allows the programmer to specify that a class or member can be called only if the user making the call has a specific username or role. Products such as HTTP and application servers will implement custom models for identifying users, but the .NET Framework provides default support for identifying Windows Users and Groups, which is the topic of this section. Unlike the Code Access Security model, role-based restrictions can be applied to classes and any class member, including properties and events. The following fragment shows how to make a declarative statement to ensure that only the MyDomain\MyUser user account can invoke a method:
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Use tools such as Network Monitor, the Event Viewer, and the IP Security Monitor snap-in Use Kerberos tools such as Klist and Kerbtray to troubleshoot network protocol security
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you have a handler that looks like this:
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How It Works: The Searchable Product Catalog
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Required by the Web Services Designer Private components As System.ComponentModel.Container
You get the following output with both columns:
17. Unusual Control Structures
Audit process tracking
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