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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
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On the Companion CD To practice using these options, it s best to use the \Samples\0402_
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Legacy Network Adapters Set the network, Mac type, and VLAN connections of
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CHECKPOINT; GO -- Operation INSERT INTO dbo.T1 (n, filler) SELECT n, CAST('a' AS CHAR(2000)) AS filler FROM dbo.Nums WHERE n <= 200000 AND n % 2 = 0 ORDER BY n;
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It frees you from having to worry about your application s threading model (as discussed in the Applications and their Threading Models section later in this chapter) . For example, in a GUI application, the AsyncEnumerator invokes your code on the GUI thread by default so you can update UI controls . For an ASP .NET Web Form or XML Web Service application, the AsyncEnumerator automatically ensures that your code is running under the client s culture and identity . It has rich error-handling support . If your iterator returns and an asynchronous operation later completes, the AsyncEnumerator class throws an exception notifying you that there is no way for the EndXxx method to be called and therefore your application is leaking resources . It has rich debugging support . Typically, an application will have many AsyncEnumerator objects in memory . This is especially true of server applications . In a debugger, you can query the AsyncEnumerator s static GetInProgressList method, which returns a list of all the AsyncEnumerator objects currently in existence . This list is sorted with the object that has been waiting the longest for an operation to complete at the top . If your application appears to be hung, looking at the item at the top of the list will usually take you right to the line in your code that is waiting for an operation to complete . In addition, when you look at an individual AsyncEnumerator object in the debugger, it displays a user-definable tag identifying the operation, the timestamp of the last asynchronous operation it performed, which operations have completed, and which operations have not completed yet . It also shows you the source code file and line within that file where the asynchronous operations were initiated .
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Availability Does this server or application need to be available at all times, or can
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When all three tab selections are made, click OK. The new scheduled report task appears in the File Server Resource Manager console.
In general, ASP.NET 2.0 supports more Web form interaction scenarios that require some script code. For example, you can now designate a default button in the form and catch the user pressing Enter. A built-in piece of JavaScript code then performs the magic of firing the action associated with the default form button. Other script-related features are the long-awaited option of setting the focus programmatically and the ability to execute cross-page posting by programmatically changing the action property of the form.
As mentioned at the beginning of this section, configuration settings apply to a particular application and to the machine . When you install the .NET Framework, it creates a Machine . config file . There is one Machine .config file per version of the CLR you have installed on the machine . The Machine .config file is located in the following directory: %SystemRoot%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\version\CONFIG Of course, %SystemRoot% identifies your Windows directory (usually C:\WINDOWS), and version is a version number identifying a specific version of the .NET Framework (something like v4 .0 .#####) .
B. Incorrect: You could use server-side state management; however, it would require a
In this code, the compiler can see that value will always be 0; therefore, the loop will never execute and consequently, there is no need to compile the code inside the loop . This method could be compiled down to nothing . In fact, when JITting a method that calls OptimizedAway, the JITter will try to inline the OptimizedAway method s code . Since there is no code, the JITter will even remove the code that tries to call OptimizedAway . We love this feature of compilers . As developers, we get to write the code in the way that makes the most sense to us . The code should be easy to write, read, and maintain . Then compilers translate our intentions into machine-understandable code . We want our compilers to do the best job possible for us . When the C# compiler, JIT compiler, and CPU optimize our code, they guarantee us that the intention of the code is preserved . That is, from a single-threaded perspective, the method does what we want it to do, although it may not do it exactly the way we described in our source code . However, the intention might not be preserved from a multithreaded perspective . Here is an example where the optimizations make the program not work as expected:
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