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Use the ClaimsAuthenticationManager class to enrich the ClaimsPrincipal object. Event: SessionSecurityTokenValidated Arguments: ClaimsPricipal Create the SessionSecurityToken: Encode(Chunk(Encrypt (ClaimsPrincipal+lifetime+ [original token]))) Set the HttpContext.User property to the ClaimsPrincipal object. Convert the session token into a set of chunked cookies. Redirect to the original return URL, if it exists.
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i11 <= 1581 i12 >= 3001 i13 any noninteger
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The java.util.prefs Package
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Figure 5-24. The Banners module has numerous custom settings available that govern its behavior. Modules generally appear at predefined places within a template. However, Joomla allows the administrator to configure modules so that they only appear when particular menus are displayed. In the Menu Assignment frame of the configuration screen, you can set the pages where the module can appear. For example, you could configure a poll module so that the voting form only appears when either the Frontpage or the Visitor Input category is active.
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When you re done, run the following code for cleanup:
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Aidan Grant
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If you need the number of orders instead of the sum of qty, in the original solution you produce a 1 instead of the qty column for each order and use the COUNT aggregate function, like so:
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Certificate Revocation and EAP-TLS Authentication
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Lesson Review
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Subnet E
Figure 4-1 shows the output from the Visual Basic .NET version of the page; however, both the Visual Basic .NET and the C# versions produce nearly identical output.
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