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Object target, Object[] args, CultureInfo culture); : }
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// Construct a 'type' delegate wrapping the specified instance method. public static Delegate CreateDelegate(Type type, Object firstArgument, MethodInfo method); // firstArgument means 'this' public static Delegate CreateDelegate(Type type, Object firstArgument, MethodInfo method, Boolean throwOnBindFailure); // Invoke a delegate passing it parameters public Object DynamicInvoke(params Object[] args); }
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public class SumClient { static void Main(string[] p_args) { Sum x_sum = new Sum(); int x_result = x_sum.sumNumbers(10, 20); System.Console.WriteLine("Result: " + x_result); } }
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If you connect the camera and switch it to camera mode, the Import Video wizard allows you to capture live video . Click the Start Video and Stop Video buttons to turn recording on and off .
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The constituent components of a DataSet provide full capabilities to manually create and manipulate the contents of the DataSet. Table 16-13 provides a summary of the classes and methods used to create and manage some of the structural components most commonly contained within a DataSet.
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Deploying an AAA Infrastructure
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If you open Group Policy editor and navigate to Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Options, you will see a couple of policy nodes Users Rights Assignment and Security Options that provide a number of settings for the hardening of your Windows systems. As with any security decisions that you make, however, there are always trade-offs between the level of security you desire and the loss of functionality or manageability you can tolerate. With many of the settings within these two policy areas, you often must make the decision about that trade-off prior to implementing that policy. The good news is that since Windows Server 2003, SP1, Microsoft has provided warnings within each policy
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Exam Objectives in this :
on the local network to run without being signed, but any script that was downloaded from the Internet must be signed by a trusted publisher.
Configuring Windows Server 2003 for LAN Routing
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