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Through VirtueMart, Joomla makes an e-commerce solution not only possible, but attractive and full-featured. VirtueMart has enough capabilities for the small and medium-sized business. With features including a robust shopping cart, automatic payment submission, and inventory management, most businesses will be able to implement the type of virtual store that fits their needs. The ability to offer downloadable products expands the range of potential storekeepers even further. However, if the VirtueMart extension does not provide all of the features that you need, don t give up on Joomla. There are a number of other open source extensions as well as commercial packages (such as EZ-Catalog and osCommerce) that may fit your needs. Joomla has such as large development community that there is a solution available to fit nearly any requirement.
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Reopening Classes
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12 Generics
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19. General Control Issues
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public delegate void WaitOrTimerCallback(Object state, Boolean timedOut);
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Extending Friend or Foe
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Caching-only servers do not host any zones and are not authoritative for any particular domain. The information they contain is limited to what has been cached while resolv ing queries. In determining when to use this kind of server, note that when it is initially started, it has no cached information. The information is obtained over time as client requests are serviced. However, if you are dealing with a slow WAN link between sites, this option might be ideal because once the cache is built, traffic across the WAN link decreases. DNS queries are also resolved faster, improving the performance of network applica tions. In addition, the caching-only server does not perform zone transfers, which can also be network-intensive in WAN environments. Finally, a caching-only DNS server can be valuable at a site where DNS functionality is needed locally, but administering domains or zones is not desirable for that location.
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completely revised. You can just launch it and see the difference. You no longer have to be a database administrator (DBA) in order to work with Office Access 2007. The revised user interface makes it much easier to use; with the interactive design capabilities, designing forms and reports cannot be easier; and the integration with Windows SharePoint Services makes Office Access 2007 a great collaboration tool. Another very cool thing is that we are adding several prebuilt
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One of the world s largest providers of smartphones, Nokia is at the heart of a global ecosystem of devices, services, and applications. With this success comes diversity. A handset that sells successfully in the United States or Europe may be too expensive to sell in developing markets, and a phone inexpensive enough in developing markets may seem primitive by the standards in Europe or the United States. This diversity can lead to fragmentation; fortunately, Nokia is well aware of this and responds to the threat of fragmentation with software development platforms that span product lines. In this chapter, we take a brief look at Nokia s hardware and software platforms. Once you understand the platforms that Nokia offers, we discuss application distribution options when targeting Nokia products. After reading this chapter, you should be able to select the appropriate Nokia platform for your application and understand how you will deliver your application to others.
If you want to invalidate a cache based on an ASP.NET control, you will need to identify the name that ASP.NET assigns to the control. You might think you can simply specify the control name for VaryByParam or VaryByControl, but ASP.NET generates more complex names. To identify the ASP.NET-generated name for a control, first create your web form and add the control that you plan to vary by. Run the page and view the source in your web browser. Within the HTML source, find the control and make note of the name parameter. The following HTML source shows DropDownList and TextBox controls. The ASP.NET-generated names that you would need to specify as parameters for VaryByParam or VaryByControl are shown in bold.
Int32 Int64 i = 5; l = i; // A 32-bit value // Implicit cast to a 64-bit value
The parameter validation is useful because someone could call SetColor like this:
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2 . . Add the OutputCache directive with the following parameters in the control source, like so:
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