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Read the introductory material and then click Next. On the Do You Want To Register A New Domain Name page, select I Already Have A Domain Name and then click Next. You next have to choose whether you want the server to manage the domain name or manage it yourself. See the sidebar titled Who Manages the Domain Name for more information. Make your selection and click Next. (If you choose self-management, skip to the section titled Managing Your Domain Name later in this chapter.) On the Type The Domain Name That You Want To Use page, type the domain name you own and select the extension from the drop-down list (Figure 8-9). Click Next.
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Solution You may have installed an add-on into the Apache server that corrupted some of the advanced techniques Apache uses to speed file transfer (such as memory mapping, kernel sendfile support, and Winsock AcceptEx use). If you add the following three directives to your httpd.conf file, they will turn off the advanced sending functions:
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20. The Software-Quality Landscape
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ResolutionScope: TypeRefName: MemberRef #1
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Number of values Sum of all values Minimum value Maximum value Average value Median (middle value) Modus (most frequent value)
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Constructing the Bot Class and Data Loader
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LISTING 11-3 Filtering Options Based on the Selection of a Field Value
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Column Expressions
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Resolve a Case
Single backup process with other Microsoft Dynamics CRM data for documents Check in and check out capabilities Version history and revision tracking Can search for content within documents Can configure alerts for modifications Yes
a. From the File menu, choose the menu items Add and New Project to load the Add New Project dialog box. Navigate through the Visual Basic project type and the Database folder, and choose SQL Server Project. Don't confirm yet. b. In the Add New Project dialog box, specify Name as VBUDAs and Location as C:\. Then confirm that the information is correct. c. Use the same database connection you created for the C# project (the connection to tempdb). The name of the database connection you created earlier should be instancename.tempdb.dbo. d. In the Solution Explorer window, right-click the VBUDAs project, select Add, and choose the Aggregate template. Before confirming, rename the class Aggregate1.vb to VBUDAs_Classes.vb. e. Replace all code in VBUDAs_Classes.vb with the Visual Basic .NET code implementing the UDAs from Listing 6-9. 17. Save all files by choosing the File menu item and then Save All. 18. Create the assemblies by building the solution. You do this by choosing the Build menu item and then Build Solution. 19. Finally, deploy the solution by choosing the Build menu item and then Deploy Solution.
Protected Mode fundamentally changes the way that applications intereact with Internet Explorer in Windows Vista. Applications that weren t built for this new environment can perform in unexpected ways. To reduce the likelihood of problems occurring in these situations, Internet Explorer provides a compatibility layer that enables applications built for previous versions of Internet Explorer to work with the new Protected Mode environment. On rare occasions, Protected Mode may prevent an application or website from working properly. If all attempts to work around the incompatibility fail, you can disable Protected Mode for the current zone. We strongly recommend against taking this measure; if you absolutely must do so, we recommend that you reenable Protected Mode immediately after you finish the activity that conflict with it. Follow these steps to disable Protected Mode for the current zone: 1. From within Internet Explorer, click Tools, and then click Internet Options. 2. Click the Security tab and clear the Enable Protected Mode check box.
Table 3-3 Type
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Steps 2 and 3: Network Threat Modeling
The Storage Engine s Treatment of Scans
Figure 4-3. Select the About Joomla! section from the drop-down list.
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Generally, I prefer to call the ToString method because it requires less code and it s easier to call . But using Format has one advantage over ToString: Format lets you pass a numeric value for the value parameter; you don t have to have an instance of the enumerated type . For example, the following code will display Blue :
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