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The subject of transactions and exception handling in EJB 3 is intricate and often confusing. However, properly used, exceptions used to manage transactions can be extremely elegant and intuitive. To see how exceptions and transactions work together, let s revisit the exceptionhandling code in the placeSnagItOrder method:
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Plotting the next moves
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Retrieving persistent objects from the database is one of the most interesting parts of working with Hibernate.
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We could check that this file is there by hand, but we want Ant to do the work. This is what the target in listing 18.4 is for, a target that Ant executes after the <telnet>based remote deployment has returned.
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// ** Part 2 is listing 6.3
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This is the simplest kind of transformation that a UserType can perform. Much more sophisticated things are possible. A custom mapping type can perform validation; it can read and write data to and from an LDAP directory; it can even retrieve persistent objects from a different database. You re limited mainly by your imagination. In reality, we d prefer to represent both the amount and currency of monetary amounts in the database, especially if the schema isn t legacy but can be defined (or updated quickly). Let s assume you now have two columns available and can store the MonetaryAmount without much conversion. A first option may again be a simple <component> mapping. However, let s try to solve it with a custom mapping type. (Instead of writing a new custom type, try to adapt the previous example for two columns. You can do this without changing the Java domain model classes only the converter needs to be updated for this new requirement and the additional column named in the mapping.) The disadvantage of a simple UserType implementation is that Hibernate doesn t know anything about the individual properties inside a MonetaryAmount. All it knows is the custom type class and the column names. The Hibernate query engine (discussed in more detail later) doesn t know how to query for amount or a particular currency.
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The select clause is trivial we just want the query to return all matching elements. Finally, we execute the query using the standard LINQ SingleOrDefault operator, which, as you may recall, returns the one result of the query, unless it failed to match anything, in which case it will return null. (And if there are multiple matches, it throws an exception.) We therefore test the result against null before attempting to use it:
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@Entity @Table(name="USERS") @SecondaryTable(name="USER_PICTURES", pkJoinColumns=@PrimaryKeyJoinColumn(name="USER_ID")) public class User implements Serializable { @Id @Column(name="USER_ID", nullable=false) protected Long userId; @Column(name="USER_NAME", nullable=false) protected String username; @Column(name="FIRST_NAME", nullable=false, length=1) protected String firstName; @Column(name="LAST_NAME", nullable=false) protected String lastName;
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Run the app and select a book title from the DropDownList. You will see something similar to Figure 8-2. You will use this application through the rest of this chapter to demonstrate various techniques for analyzing and debugging code in ASP.NET and for handling errors in your application.
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In our example, the code for this workaround might look like that in listing 8.14:
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Existing schemas and Middlegen
Enterprise JavaBeans are well integrated into a transactional API provided by the Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) platform. Transactions control the permanence of the result from a section of code that creates new data or modifies existing data. Not all applications require transactions, but critical applications must have ways of ensuring that data is consistent for all data clients and that it exists in a predictable way. For example, transactions help remove data modifications made by a failed process. The importance of transactions is clearly demonstrated by imagining what happens when you remove them from critical situations. Imagine a multistep process such as transferring money between two bank accounts money is withdrawn from one account and deposited into a second. A single transaction should control this two-step process in a single event. If one half of the event cannot succeed, then none of it should. If the withdrawal of money succeeds but the deposit fails, then the withdrawal must be reversed (or rolled back). Without transactions, an automated process is prone to self-corruption due to uncorrected errors. In the account example, someone could lose money if a deposit failed and the withdrawal were not reversed. Granted, this is an overly simplified example, but it does illustrate the value of transactions. Just as important, transactions protect data accessors from reading bad data. If a database update fails midway through, you need to remove the already updated data. For example, getting an account balance during a money transfer should reflect only those transfers that have completed successfully, not those in progress because they still might fail. Transactions provide the mechanism for ensuring that data changes and processes run correctly. This chapter contains recipes for EJB transactions and covers the following topics:
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