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window.onloadListeners=new Array(); window.addOnLoadListener(listener){ window.onloadListeners[window.onloadListeners.length]=listener; }
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The <entry> element of the <propertyfile> task has several attributes that work in conjunction with one another. The type attribute allows for int, date, or the default string. The operation attribute is either +, -, or the default of =. Date types support a unit attribute and a special default of now. Refer to the documentation for more coverage of the <entry> attributes. Existing property files are not completely overwritten by the <propertyfile> task, as <propertyfile> is designed to edit them, leaving existing properties untouched unless modified explicitly with an <entry> item. Comments, however, get lost in the process. 10.2.2 Adding audio and visual feedback during a build We cannot help but mention two interesting optional tasks, <sound> and <splash>. The <sound> task is a fun addition to a build file and it could be useful when running an involved build process. The <sound> task enables audible alerts 239
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Listing 9.3 Our proxy targets: one per build file, with all direct predecessors stated
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If you run the web site now, this label will not be visible on any of the child pages because there is no Text property to it. Open the code-behind for the master page by right-clicking on CorpMasterPage. master in the Solution Explorer and selecting View Code. Type in the code highlighted in Example 6-10 to implement the public property.
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State management
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// property public int Length { get { return length; } set { length = value; } }
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Each DataTable contains a set of DataRow objects, as we mentioned, and each of those rows contains keys for each data field in the row. The two column names in the table you retrieved are CompanyName and ContactName, so you can access their values and output each company and contact name using a foreach loop, like this:
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The output should look like this (although where the line breaks on your screen depends on the size of your console window):
You cannot (currently) spawn an application that outlives Ant, although a spawned process can start a new program that can then outlive the build. This is an ongoing issue related to JVM implementations. All console output in a subprocess goes to the Ant logging system; all console input is also subverted. For Java applications, this means System.out,, and System.err are under Ant s control, as are stdin, stdout, and stderr for native applications. You cannot handle prompts for input at the console. If the application is waiting for user input, Ant just hangs. Finally, there is currently no Java equivalent of <apply>. This is a sensitive issue: it is mostly deliberate; the intent is to force you to write your own task instead.
20: Printing
Working with ContentProvider classes
Polymorphic associations
As we can see, the HyperlinkData class is very simple and has a public property for each piece of data that we need to keep track of. The DisplayName property will be used as the value to display when we render the hyperlink and the Description property will be used to display additional information alongside of the hyperlink in the page. Figure 7.2 shows us what the FavoritesWebPart will look like when it is displayed in a browser. 204
Declares exceptions on throws clause
Stateful session beans are guaranteed to maintain conversational state. They are not programmatically very different from their stateless cousins: as a matter of fact, the only real difference between stateless and stateful beans is how the container manages their lifecycle. Unlike with stateless beans, the container makes sure that subsequent method invocations by the same client are handled by the same stateful bean instance. Figure 3.6 shows the one-to-one mapping between a bean instance and a client enforced behind the scenes by the container. As far as you are concerned, this one-to-one relation management happens automagically. The one-to-one mapping between a client and a bean instance makes saving bean conversational state in a useful manner possible. However, this one-to-one correlation comes at a price. Bean instances cannot be readily returned to the pool and reused while a client session is still active. Instead, a bean instance must be squirreled away in memory to wait for the next request from the client owning the session. As a result, stateful session bean instances held by a large number of concurrent clients can have a significant memory footprint. An optimization technique called passivation, which we ll discuss soon, is used to alleviate this problem. Stateful session beans are ideal for multistep, workflow-oriented business processes. In this section, we explore stateful beans by using the ActionBazaar bidder account creation workflow as an example.
try { // Get an InitialContext Properties props = new Properties(); props.put( Context.INITIAL_CONTEXT_FACTORY, "weblogic.jndi.WLInitialContextFactory" ); props.put(Context.PROVIDER_URL, url); return new InitialContext(props);
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