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public class RemoteClient { public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception { int retVal = RemoteService.getReply(); System.out.println("Reply is " + retVal); } }
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Figure 13.13 Creating a new SQL Azure login the same as with SQL Server on-premises, using the CREATE LOGIN command.
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float newX = thisPoint.x+self.frame.origin.x; float newY = thisPoint.y+self.frame.origin.y; if (newX < 0) { newX = 0; } else if (newX > 320) { newX = 320; } if (newY < 0) { newY = 0; } else if (newY > 416) { newY = 416; } = CGPointMake(newX,newY); }
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If you were to now spin up multiple instances of your web page, you would see that as the result of the increase in load, the development fabric load balancer doesn t maintain affinity and starts redistributing the requests more evenly.
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Consider the nature of the state maintained by the DoubleCombo object particularly the URL and options. These two pieces of state satisfy the second functional
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} finally { context.close(); }
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it knows that it needs to supply a type, because we ve not specified a type name after the new keyword. It will create a new class definition, and will define properties for each entry in the initializer. It will work out what types the properties should have from the types of the expressions in the initializer. For example, the ev.Title expression evaluates to a string, so it will add a property called Title of type string.
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The goal is simple: build the entire project from within Eclipse and never resort to the command line to perform any build operations. You can accomplish this goal by modifying the project s build properties. Highlight the project in Eclipse and select Properties to open the properties dialog. Select the Builders group, as shown in figure 19.8. Note the ndk builder entry to the right. To create this in a new project, click the New button on the far right side of the dialog. This opens a dialog with four tabbed sections. You re interested in the first, second, and fourth tabs, as shown in the next few figures. Before looking at those screens, note that you want the NDK to build your code before the other project build steps; that way, you can get the latest version of the JNI library packaged into the final APK file. To do this, highlight the ndk builder tool you just created and select the Up button to position it at the top of the list. Don t neglect this step! Figure 19.9 shows the options for the external tool to launch, which in this case is the fully qualified path to the ndk-build script in the NDK directory. Note the use of the symbolic link ndk, which eases the transition to new versions of the NDK over time. Figure 19.10 shows the next tab of the tool configuration window, which requests that the project resources be refreshed after the build this step.
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<junitreport todir="${}"> <fileset dir="${}"> <include name="TEST-*.xml"/> </fileset> <report format="frames" todir="${test.reports.dir}"/> </junitreport>
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// Lookup and perform assertions txWrapper.wrapInTx(new Callable<Void>() { @Override public Void call() throws Exception { // Get EM final EntityManager em = emHook.getEntityManager(); // Get the tasks final Task task1Roundtrip = em.find(Task.class, task1.getId()); final Task task2Roundtrip = em.find(Task.class, task2.getId()); // Ensure all's as expected final String assertionMessage = "Task owners were not assigned as task1Roundtrip.getOwners(). task1Roundtrip.getOwners(). task2Roundtrip.getOwners(). task2Roundtrip.getOwners().
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interesting service. Without the model, the application provides no value. We place great importance on creating a rich model that clearly expresses the business reality and the solution to problems in that domain. The style of modeling we ll use in this book is domain-driven design (DDD), as conveyed by Eric Evans in his book, Domain-Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software. Covering the topic in depth takes a book in itself; we ll tackle a small primer, which should enable you to follow the software examples in the rest of this book. After the DDD primer, we ll discuss how to best use the domain model, and then we ll look at how to use a presentation model to keep controllers and views simple. We ll keep a keen eye on separation of concerns to ensure that every class has a single, well-defined responsibility.
ct.addText(new Phrase("Lines written: " + linesWritten)); ct.go();
Accessing your bundle
Gets feed based on RssUrl
Let s copy the content of the main method of figure 1.5, and remove the comments. The numbers to the side in this listing indicate the different steps in the PDF-creation process.
An automated system watches the source control system. When it finds changes, it gets the latest version of the code. The automated system builds the code. The automated system runs unit tests. The automated system sends build and test results to a feedback system so that team members can know the current status of the build.
<target name="echo"> <echo message="ant.file = ${ant.file}"/> <echo message="ant.home = ${ant.home}"/> <echo message=" = ${}"/> <echo message="ant.version = ${ant.version}"/> <echo message="basedir = ${basedir}"/> </target>
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