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The only difference between the previous two code snippets is the starting offset of the result list. Instead of hard-coding the offset and page size, you can create a method that takes these settings as a parameter:
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Figure 1.9 Sequence diagram of an asynchronous response to user input. If I follow an asynchronous input model, I can let the children notify me that they are starting to wake up. I can then continue with my other activities while the wakeup happens and remain blocked for a much shorter period of time.
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We re going to hold off on an example for a bit until we cover the last important class in the scoring process, Weight. Why we are holding off will become apparent when you see just how intertwined these classes are.
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Figure D.1 From compile time to runtime: the lifecycle of a typical Java application
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When you create methods that compose Phrase objects using different Chunks, you ll usually create constants for the different Fonts you ll use.
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UDDI 50, 123, 139, 152 153 Universal Modeling Language (UML) 210 class diagrams 210 sequence diagrams 214 use cases 204 user interface device types 159 rendering output 173 using XML data 170
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Listing 8.10, JDO version
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You want to alter the format of messages without changing your code.
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Just like in the PdfStamper example, you create an ArrayList for the bookmarks. You could start adding new entries, but for this example you ll get the bookmarks from the existing documents. These bookmarks will work correctly for the first document, but a bookmark that points at the first page in the second document won t. It will point to the first page of the first document in the concatenated PDF. That s why you need to shift the page numbers using the shiftPageNumbers() method B. After that s done, you add the bookmarks to the new list. You use setOutlines() to inject the new list of bookmarks into the new document. One of the parameters in B was null. That s because you want to shift the page numbers of the bookmarks for all the pages. You can also pass an array with an even number of int values that define page ranges for which you want to shift the page numbers with the offset defined by the page_offset parameter. There s also an eliminatePages() method that can be used to remove the bookmarks that point at specific page ranges. That s an interesting method if you want to split existing documents or remove a couple of pages. Now that you know everything there is to know about bookmarks in PDF, what about creating bookmarks in HTML With listing 7.3, you retrieved named destinations; with listing 7.15, you retrieved bookmarks. Wouldn t it be nice if you could use that information to create a URL that can be used to open a PDF file in a browser at a specific position The next section will give you an overview of the open parameters that can be used to achieve this.
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Yes, provided that the JDBC driver supplies an XADataSource Yes JDBC is the simplest of the persistence alternatives. Basic usage is well understood for traditional relational problems, and simple enough for many object-oriented problems. For complex object-oriented problems, algorithms with SQL and JDBC can get unbearably complex. No. SQL is a relational language. Data returned by JDBC calls is in tabular form rows with columns instead of objects. It only supports primitive data types. No container requirements In general, SQL is used with RDBMS.
3.8 Summary
To further explore the Chain of Responsibility pattern, we ll model the action of a bank that is careful about allowing withdrawals of large amounts. Trusty Bank s business rules for handling withdrawals are:
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