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Packages and physical files
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// if the manifest file does not exist, create it. String manifestFileName = Look up the the project.getProperty("manifest.dir") + third-party JAR "/MANIFEST.MF"; fileset FileSet libFileSet = (FileSet) project.getReference("lib.fileset"); File manifest = new File(project.getBaseDir(), Create manifestFileName); MANIFEST.MF if (manifest.createNewFile()) { If the file doesn t System.out.println( already exist, create it "Building manifest: " + manifest);
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iPhone programs often include multiple pages of information that are all part of the same application. Apple calls these individual pages of content views (though the term is also used to refer to individual objects, or subviews, within a page). Many web apps will be built using the same concept, allowing pages to call up other pages using tab bars, navigational controllers, and other means. As you ll see, the view model is well supported by various tools that you might use when creating iPhone web apps. iUI (which we ll discuss in this chapter) supports it as part of its navigational methods, and Dashcode (which we ll talk about in the next chapter) supports it using a stackLayout object. We ll see even more complex view hierarchies when we begin using the SDK, which is the ultimate model that these other libraries are imitating.
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Because you can t modify this information in the Windows Azure portal, you can t change the endpoint between staging and production without redeploying the application. What you can do though is extract the information that can change dynamically (in this case, and store it in the service configuration file, leaving all the other configuration as it is (accepting that if that needs to change it will require a redeploy). You can then modify the endpoint in a WCF proxy by modifying the endpoint address on the proxy:
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Transactions, concurrency, and caching
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// Display the Stack. Console.Write("intStack values:\t"); PrintValues(intStack); // Declare an array object which will // hold 12 integers int[] targetArray = new int[12]; for (int i = 0; i < targetArray.Length; i++) { targetArray[i] = i * 100 + 100; } // Display the values of the target Array instance. Console.WriteLine("\nTarget array: "); PrintValues(targetArray); // Copy the entire source Stack to the // target Array instance, starting at index 6. intStack.CopyTo(targetArray, 6); // Display the values of the target Array instance. Console.WriteLine("\nTarget array after copy: "); PrintValues(targetArray); } public static void PrintValues(IEnumerable<Int32> myCollection) { IEnumerator<Int32> enumerator = myCollection.GetEnumerator( ); while (enumerator.MoveNext( )) { Console.Write("{0} ", enumerator.Current); } Console.WriteLine( ); } } }
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With Image::Magick you have a choice of several font specifications and sources (see also Fonts, on page 278). You can use a qualified X11 font name such as -*-timesmedium-r-*-*-12-*-*-*-p-*-*-*, a PostScript name like Helvetica, or a TrueType font from a file with @arialbd.
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Learning Objective-C and the iPhone OS SDK
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srcfile <filterchain> File to load. [File] Adds a FilterChain. [FilterChain]
What is Ajax
toaster, or any other device with a network stack and connectivity, such as an Androidenabled handheld.
Advertisement for the Foobar Film Festival
You really know a language is specialized to cope with animation when you see it has a literal syntax for time durations. What are time literals Well, just as the quoted syntax makes creating strings easy, the time literal syntax provides a simple, specialized notation for expressing intervals of time. Listing 2.16 shows it in action.
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