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Playing in the Sandbox
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The four types of distributed system components identified above are typically arranged in one of three distinct architectures, based on the ways in which individual processes interact with one another. These models are summarized in table 1.1.
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Transfers performance DataBufferName datasourceToTransfer = counters DataBufferName.PerformanceCounters; OnDemandTransferOptions transferOptions = new OnDemandTransferOptions(); Selects time transferOptions.From = DateTime.UtcNow filter for data TimeSpan.FromHours(1.0); to be sent transferOptions.To = DateTime.UtcNow; transferOptions.NotificationQueueName = "transfernotificationqueue";
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The complete application The build tool, if used (NAnt in our example) A deployment script A batch or PowerShell file to kick the off process
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Filters in @AnalyzerDef annotations are applied in their declared order. In listing 5.8, StandardFilter is applied before LowerCaseFilter, which is applied before StopFilter.
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spend up to half of its time managing connections, repeating work that can usually be done once. I also jotted down a note that the units of work should be managed in the database and not the application. I noticed that the database code was sprinkled throughout, making it difficult to change this beast without the impact rippling throughout the system. I was starting to understand the depth of the problem. Even though most of these audits were the same, at some point they all hit me in the face like a cold glass of water. Over the next four hours, we read code and drew diagrams. We found that the same policy would be fetched from 4 to 11 times, depending on the usage scenario. (The caching antipatterns at this customer and others prompted discussions in chapter 5, where you ll learn about the caching and serialization techniques that can make a huge difference.) We drew interaction diagrams of the sticky stuff and identified major interfaces. We then used these diagrams to find iteration over major interface boundaries and to identify general chatty communications that could be simplified or shifted. We left the customer a detailed report and provided services to rework the problem areas. We supplied a list of courses for the programmers and suggested getting a consulting mentor to solidify the development process. When all was said and done, the application was completed ahead of the revised schedule and the performance improved tenfold. This story actually combines three different customer engagements, each uglier than this one. I changed some details to protect the names of the guilty, but the basic scenario has been repeated many times over the course of my career. I find problems and provide templates for the solutions. While most of my peers have focused on design patterns, I find myself engaged with antipatterns.
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9.2.4 The @hibernate.column tag
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MyTermScorer(Weight weight, TermDocs td, The TermScorer Similarity similarity, constructor byte[] norms) { super(similarity); this.weight = weight; this.termDocs = td; this.norms = norms; this.weightValue = weight.getValue();
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used in applications that use SQL, it applies equally well to applications that use Hibernate.
negativeSeven = -7
CustomerAudit PurchaseOrders ShoppingCart OrderHistory
Sharding strategy implementation class Item.sharding_strategy com.manning.hsia.dvdstore.util.DistributorShardingStrategy
Listing 12.5 TalkBackViewController.m
The problem here is that a change between Java version 1.3.1_02 and version 1.4 might happen some time after deployment, and it may be an improvement. Either you update the JSP to support the new version and not the old one, or you enhance the tests to support a list of valid numbers, maybe substring matches. Maintenance like this after deployment is unwelcome; if you design forward-looking rules, you may find that they don t actually work six months after the go-live date when someone updates the system. It is much better to leave such versioning details to people rather than hardcoded tests. What we can do is write a JSP to list all properties, though of course a security manager may intercept that; an alternate approach would be a JSP that takes a property name as an argument and returns the value as a response. You can then query settings
CodePatronGroup. Categories of groups into which patrons are placed. These are not security groups, but general groups for reporting purposes. This was added to support grouping of patrons by units within a company, or by class/grade within a school library setting.
Creating a PDF document in five steps with iText
Properties set directly on the element override properties from the style. This is why it s important to use TemplateBinding in templates. The style in Example 20-22 sets a default Background color of LightBlue, and the template then picks that up with a TemplateBinding, which means that when Example 20-23 sets the background to yellow, the control template picks up the new color that wouldn t have happened if the light blue background had been baked directly into the template. So the combination of styles, templates, and template bindings makes it possible to create a complete look for a control while retaining the flexibility to change individual aspects of that look on a control-by-control basis. There s one problem with our button style: it s rather static. It doesn t offer any visible response to mouse input. Most controls light up when the mouse cursor moves over them if they are able to respond to input, and the fact that our control doesn t is likely to make users think either that the application has crashed or that the button is merely decorative. We need to fix this.
Invert ToString
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