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Start by opening DetailViewController.h and adding an IBOutlet for a UIWebView. The code is shown in listing 7.8.
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Most Page-by-Page Iterator pattern descriptions primarily address a remote interface s location between the client and application tier, which makes transferring the entire result set impractical. However, the descriptions fail to consider the most common mistake we see in the pattern s actual implementation. Developers tend to forget that another remote interface sits between the application and data tiers. Though the throughput may be much higher than that of the client interface, it s a remote interface nonetheless, and you must limit the amount of data that passes across it as much as possible. How you design your Page-by-Page Iterator implementation depends heavily on your application and your environment s unique characteristics. Does the
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to several free or low-cost tools such as CruiseControl.NET, Subversion, MSBuild, Team Foundation Server, and TeamCity that are part of a complete CI process. Throughout the rest of the book, we ll explain in detail how to use these tools. This chapter also demonstrates a simple CI process through an example using batch files. We ll also get started on a more complex Visual Studio Solution that we ll use to demonstrate various CI tools and techniques. But before we do any of that, you need to understand exactly what CI is.
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Listing 16.4 A Spring POJO that uses an injected stateless session bean
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// Part 1 is listing 10.5 init { x = startX; y = startY; } package function isEmpty(x:Integer,y:Integer) : Boolean { if(x<0 or y<0 or x>=width or y>=height) { return false; } var idx:Integer = y*width+x; return( wallMap[idx]==0 ); }
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servers, and even an application server. Automating a deployment to multiple machines can become complex quickly. To reduce the complexity, Web Deploy can be used to sync files to multiple machines and execute the deployment script on each server. It can also run remotely so that deployments execute the same way that they would in the development environment. Listing 17.4 shows the command-line arguments used to copy deployment files from a build server to a web server and then run the deployment.
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<target> compile
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Listing 8.37 with default implementation
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It s vital to understand the difference between object identity and object equality before we discuss terms like database identity and how Hibernate manages identity. We need these concepts if we want to finish mapping our CaveatEmptor persistent classes and their associations with Hibernate.
public Query createQuery(String jpqlString); public Query createNamedQuery(String name); public Query createNativeQuery(String sqlString); public Query createNativeQuery(String sqlString, Class result Class); public Query createNativeQuery(String sqlString, String resultSetMapping); public void close();
The personal information that you will be gathering will be clustered together within an ASP.NET Panel control. Panels give you the opportunity to provide a background color if you choose, or to make the panel itself visible or invisible as a whole. Begin by dragging a Panel control from the Standard section of the Toolbox into your Source view and giving it the ID and properties as shown here:
Arrays of entities and lists of entities are pretty much identical in usage and database schemas. There is a foreign key back to the parent table and a column that maintains the order.
4.2.1 Developing the JMS message producer
The first steps that we take toward Ajax will resemble the classic web application that we are moving away from, as noted in chapter 1 when discussing horses and bicycles. Content-centric patterns of interaction still follow the classic web paradigm but may have a role to play in an Ajax application. Overview In a content-centric pattern of interaction, HTML content is still being generated by the server and sent to an IFrame embedded in the main web page. We discussed IFrames in chapter 2 and showed how to define them in the HTML markup of the page or generate them programmatically. In the latter case, we can still be looking at a fairly radically dynamic style of interface more akin to a window manager than a desktop. Figure 5.7 outlines the contentcentric architecture. Listing 5.2 shows an implementation of the event handler for our planetary info application, using a content-centric approach.
The first instruction assigns the value of the stack pointer (sp) to register 0 (r0) B. Next the literal value of 0 is assigned to register r1 C. The address counter plus four memory location spaces is stored in registers r2 and r3 D. The b instruction tells the code to branch to a specific address E. In this case, the address is 0x21c bytes prior to the address of the dlopen function. This value is 9514 in decimal. The next branch is to an address that s 0x37bc bytes beyond the dlclose label F. The next few instructions G are conditional operations. The code snippet finishes up with a pair of nop instructions H. Note that the address of each instruction is shown to the left of each line. Each instruction occurs at a 4 byte offset from its predecessor. Four bytes times 6 bits per byte equals a 32-bit address bus, which makes sense because the ARM processor family is 32 bit.
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