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public static final String[][] MOVIES = { { "STSong-Light", "UniGB-UCS2-H", "Movie title: House of The Flying Daggers (China)", "directed by Zhang Yimou", "\u5341\u950a\u57cb\u4f0f" }, { "KozMinPro-Regular", "UniJIS-UCS2-H", "Movie title: Nobody Knows (Japan)", "directed by Hirokazu Koreeda", "\u8ab0\u3082\u77e5\u3089\u306a\u3044" }, { "HYGoThic-Medium", "UniKS-UCS2-H", "Movie title: '3-Iron' aka 'Bin-jip' (South-Korea)", "directed by Kim Ki-Duk", "\ube48\uc9d1" } }; public void createPdf(String filename) throws IOException, DocumentException { Document document = new Document(); PdfWriter.getInstance(document, new FileOutputStream(filename));; BaseFont bf; Font font; for (int i = 0; i < 3; i++) { bf = BaseFont.createFont( MOVIES[i][0], MOVIES[i][1], BaseFont.NOT_EMBEDDED); font = new Font(bf, 12); document.add(new Paragraph(bf.getPostscriptFontName(), font)); for (int j = 2; j < 5; j++) document.add(new Paragraph(MOVIES[i][j], font)); document.add(Chunk.NEWLINE); } document.close(); }
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Why do we have this base-classes-opt-in system Why is everything not virtual by default (like, say, Java) Arguments continue on this very issue, but the designers of C# chose to go with the nonvirtual-by-default option. There are a couple of reasons for this: one has to do with implicit contracts, and another is related to versioning.
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The same AjaxOptions class applies to this helper and is used in the same way. In this example, the form is appending comments to an element on the page.
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public class CustomWebPartChrome : WebPartChrome { public CustomWebPartChrome(WebPartZone zone, WebPartManager wpm) : base(zone, wpm) { } public override void RenderWebPart( HtmlTextWriter writer, WebPart webPart ) {
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<property name="initialPrice" column="INITIAL_PRICE" not-null="true"/>
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Analyzing the business domain
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One feature you should provide is to allow users of your collection to add to or extract from the collection with an indexer, just as you would do with an array. For example, suppose you create a ListBox control named myListBox that contains a list of strings stored in a one-dimensional array, a private member variable named
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Let s continue our exploration of the methods for reflecting on client objects by talking about the techniques that you can use to determine an object s type. drawcode39barcode
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Refactor custom DTO 75 refactor 374 antipatterns process 364 refactoring and antipattern process 365 exception logic 93 re-entrant code 236 237 targets 368 relation vs. filter 231 relational database 8 relationship database 7 is null 76 and JDBC 265 remote calls and performance 67 interfaces 44 invocation 54 invocation performance 54 invocations and session fa ades 70 and local interfaces 60 prefix 329 RemoteException 62, 97 Replication and state 64 Required transaction attribute 67 research consulting firms 29 resource management 31 resource competition and threads 86 resource loading 29 resources and iterators 103 response time defined 289 example requirement 302 restrictions on threading 85 result set determining size 109 iterating 99 ResultSet 101 SQL 109 retry failed request 63 return trip 358
In addition to classes, Visual Basic provides two related object definition features: structures and modules. Although they have different names than class, they still act a lot like classes, but with different features enabled or disabled.
public void oneToManyBidirectionalMapping() throws Throwable { // Create a few Employees final Employee alrubinger = new Employee("Andrew Lee Rubinger"); final Employee carloDeWolf = new Employee("Carlo de Wolf"); final Employee jaikiranPai = new Employee("Jaikiran Pai"); final Employee bigD = new Employee("Big D"); try {
13.2.1 Remodeling and schema redesign
Site Apple Developer Site URL Summary Official Apple site for developer resources; requires ADC login Official Apple forums for SDK discussion, including betas; requires ADC login Thirty-one programs with source code in 31 days A hub of Objective-C and Cocoa information News and tutorial blog Cocoa and iPhone discussion General blog that s mostly iPhone discussion Forums Blog with extensive original content News blog Blog about Macs with some emphasis on iPhones
13.2.4 Improving query performance Even trivial applications can make extensive use of queries. When using EJB 3, you write queries in JPQL and they are translated to SQL. Although you develop in JPQL, you can take certain actions to ensure that the corresponding queries will perform well. DBAs can certainly play a big part in helping improve queries. You may also be interested in enabling a higher level of logging in your persistence provider to expose and capture the generated SQL statements, and run them through a tuning utility provided by your database vendor. This can help you determine whether the SQL can be improved. Certain databases provide an automatic SQL tuning utility that provides suggestions for improving the SQL executed by an application. You can work with your DBA to use such tools and get their recommendations on how to improve query performance. There is no magic sequence of steps that address all query issues, but we ll discuss some of the more common scenarios.
q.RetrieveApproximateMessageCount(); if (q.ApproximateMessageCount != null) int remainingMsg = q.ApproximateMessageCount;
Page-by-Page Iterator
break and continue generate multiple exit points and make for hardto-understand, and thus hard-to-maintain, code. Use them with care.
Listing 2.18 exposes a few important sequence concepts:
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