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(RPC) and the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) used on the World Wide Web both employ the client/server mechanism, but are quite different from each other at the application level.
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Comparing remote instances When comparing two objects for equality in a local environment, you typically use either the equality operator, ==, which compares two primitive values or object references for equality, or the equals() method, which typically compares two inmemory objects for equivalency. This model does not necessarily work in a distributed setting as two different client stubs may reference the same or equivalent objects in another virtual machine and memory space. EJB clients can use the isIdentical() method on a bean s client interface to compare remote instances. For example, given two EJBObject stubs foo and bar that refer to the same EJB instance on the server, (foo == bar) may return false whereas (foo.isIdentical(bar)) could return true. Note that, unlike stateful session beans and entity beans, stateless session beans have no identity. A call to isIdentical() for two EJBObject s referring to the same stateless session bean type will always return true.
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The SDK contains a whole bunch of things that ll make your life easier when developing for Windows Azure, including the following: Windows Azure development fabric (a simulation of the live fabric) Visual Studio templates for creating web applications Windows Azure storage environment Deployment tools A glimpse of a bright new world In chapter 2, we ll take a deeper look at some of the items in the SDK. For now, you ll just install it. If you re an experienced ASP.NET developer, you should be able to install the SDK by clicking the Next button a few times. You can grab the SDK from Before installing the SDK, check your version of Windows and Visual Studio. A local instance of some flavor of SQL Server (either Express, which is installed with Visual Studio, or full-blown SQL Server) is required to use the SDK. We ll explain this in more depth in chapter 9.
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Appendix |
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This chapter covers
// Log"Configured MessageDigest one-way hash algorithm is: " + this. messageDigestAlgorithm); // Return return this.messageDigestAlgorithm;
@Entity public class Employee implements { @TableGenerator(name="MY_GENERATOR" table="GENERATOR_TABLE" pkColumnName="PRIMARY_KEY_COLUMN" valueColumnName="VALUE_COLUMN" pkColumnValue="EMPLOYEE_ID" allocationSize=10) @Id @GeneratedValue (strategy=GenerationType.TABLE, generator="MY_GENERATOR") private long id; ... }
Implementing conversations
There is one thing to watch out for: if BillingDetails was mapped with lazy="true", Hibernate would proxy the billingDetails association. In this case, we wouldn t be able to perform a typecast to the concrete class CreditCard at runtime, and even the instanceof operator would behave strangely:
The point of this exercise is that when the A signal is received, the action in the if statement is taken and then the program breaks out of the loop, without raising the alarm. When the signal is 0, it is also undesirable to raise the alarm, so the program continues from the top of the loop.
A spot color is any color generated by an ink (pure or mixed) that is printed in a single run. Section of ISO-32000-1, titled Separation Color Spaces, contains the following note: When printing a page, most devices produce a single composite page on which all process colorants (and spot colorants, if any) are combined. However, some devices, such as image setters, produce a separate, monochromatic rendition of the page, called a separation, for each colorant. When the separations are later combined on a printing press, for example and the proper inks or other colorants are applied to them, the result is a full-color page. The term separation is often misused as a synonym for an individual device colorant. In the context of this discussion, a printing system that produces separations generates a separate piece of physical medium (generally film) for each colorant. It is these pieces of physical medium that are correctly referred to as separations. A particular colorant properly constitutes a separation only if the device is generating physical separations, one of which corresponds to the given colorant. The Separation color space is so named for historical reasons, but it has evolved to the broader purpose of controlling the application of individual colorants in general, regardless of whether they are actually realized as physical separations. ISO-32000-1, section Every colorant in the Separation color space has a name. Every color value consists of a single tint component in the range 0.0 to 1.0. A tint value of 0.0 denotes the lightest color that can be achieved with the given colorant, and 1.0 is the darkest. Listing 10.2 shows how the PdfSpotColor class is used to define the colorant; the actual color is created with the SpotColor class.
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users. Google has also shown a notable uptick among iPhone users, who are 50 times more likely to conduct a search than the average internet user. Looking at overall stats, the iPhone s mobile Safari has already become the top mobile browser in the United States and is quickly moving up in the international market as well. Anecdotal evidence is consistent, as friends talk about how an iPhone user is likely at any time to grab his or her iPhone to look up a word in Webster s or a topic in Wikipedia, showing off how the iPhone has become the encyclopedia of the 21st century for its users. When Apple announced the iPhone, they highlighted its power consciousness. Users should be able to use their iPhone all day, whether they re talking, viewing the web, or running native applications. Despite the higher energy costs of the 3G network, the newest iPhone still supports 5 hours of talking or 5 6 hours of web browsing. Powersaving tricks are built deeply into the iPhone. For example, have you noticed that whenever you put your iPhone up to your ear, the screen goes black to conserve power And that it comes back on as soon as you move the iPhone away from your ear Power savings have also been built into the SDK, limiting some functionality such as the ability to run multiple programs simultaneously in order to make sure that a user s iPhone remains functional throughout the day. Thanks to its GPS (true or faux), an iPhone is location aware. It can figure out where a user is, and developers can design programs to take advantage of this knowledge. To preserve users privacy, however, Apple has limited what exactly programs can do with that knowledge. Just as an iPhone is knowledgeable of large-scale location changes, it also recognizes small-scale movements, making it orientation aware. As we ve already noted, this is thanks to three accelerometers within the iPhone. They don t just detect orientation; they can also be used to measure gravity and movement. Although some of this functionality isn t available to web apps, sophisticated input can be accessed by SDK programs. Finally we come to the iPhone s innovative input and output. Thanks to a multitouch screen and a uniquely scaled screen resolution, the iPhone provides a different interactive experience from last-generation cell phones, so much so that we ve reserved an entire section for its discussion.
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