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9.6.3 Caching aging static data
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Infrastructure model
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Executing operation synchronously Executing: int javax.swing.table.DefaultTableModel.getRowCount() Thread[AWT-EventQueue-0,6,main] Row count = 4 Executing operation synchronously Executing: Color javax.swing.JTable.getGridColor() Thread[AWT-EventQueue-0,6,main] Grid color = javax.swing.plaf.ColorUIResource[r=153,g=153,b=153]
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def sceneWidth:Number = 400; def sceneHeight:Number = 400; Stage { scene: Scene { def numDrops = 10; var currentDrop = 0; var lastDropTime:Long=0; def drop = for(i in [0..<numDrops]) { RainDrop {}; } def lines = for(i in [0..<6]) { SwirlingLines { def ii = i+1; layoutX: sceneWidth/2; layoutY: sceneHeight/2; numLines: 6+i; color: bind colorShifts[i].color; centerRadius: (ii)*20; lineLength: (ii)*10; lineThickness: (ii)*3; antiClockwise: ((i mod 2)==0); rotateDuration: 1s/(ii); } };
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The array itself is also an independent object a class instance that manages its set of contained elements. If you need to specify the entire array, and not just one of its elements (and there are times when you need to do this), use its name without any parentheses or positional values.
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The package mapper was conceived and implemented by Erik while writing this chapter.
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3: Structural Patterns: Composite and Flyweight
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indexBase is the property suffix that describes the root directory containing the
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Dim newHire As New Employee With newHire .Name = "John Doe" .HireDate = #2/27/2008# .Salary = 50000@ End With
<!-- Wrong! Don't name keys after the collection --> <key column="speaker_id"/>
In this book, so far, we ve always talked about a domain model implementation based on Java classes we called them POJOs, persistent classes, JavaBeans, or entities. An implementation of a domain model that is based on Java classes with regular properties, collections, and so on, is type-safe. If you access a property of a class, your IDE offers autocompletion based on the strong types of your model, and the compiler checks whether your source is correct. However, you pay for this safety with more time spent on the domain model implementation and time is money. In the following sections, we introduce Hibernate s ability to work with domain models that aren t implemented with Java classes. We re basically trading typesafety for other benefits and, because nothing is free, more errors at runtime whenever we make a mistake. In Hibernate, you can select an entity mode for your application, or even mix entity modes for a single model. You can even switch between entity modes in a single Session. These are the three built-in entity modes in Hibernate:
Listing 5.11
Now, before reading any further, review the code and decide what the output should be. Don t cheat by looking past this paragraph. Then, when you think you know what the output will be, take a look at this:
Select the Search for new features to install option, as shown in figure A.10. Click Next.
In this code snippet, the property variable holds, at each iteration, a string with the name of a property of the object. As result, book[property] returns the value of that property. The name and value of each property are displayed using the JavaScript s alert function, which displays a string in a message box on screen.
Softening of connection method calls
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