As you can see, this is a pretty straightforward ASP.NET page, with nothing new other than the fact that the ScriptManager control has been added. Now run the page and take a look at the source code that the browser sees. Here s an example:
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Navigating an XML Document by Using XPathNavigator
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Try conn.Open() ' Open connection ' ' Online processing (e.g., queries) here ' conn.Close() ' Close connection
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Figure 33-4. You need to enable the option under Remote Desktop to access Windows XP
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Allowing Port Access
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In this chapter, we looked at the principles behind user and group accounts under Ubuntu. We ve examined how user and group accounts can be created, edited, and deleted using the GUI, as well as on the command line. We also looked at how passwords can be manipulated by individual users and by an administrator with superuser powers. In the next chapter, we ll look at how the Ubuntu system can be optimized. You ll also learn about several interesting and important system tools.
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Of course, you wouldn t be using MMS if all you wanted were the sender and the subject. To get at the attachment data for the message, retrieve the message parts. Each part will contain a content ID, a content location, a MIME type, and data. If you control the incoming messages to this app, you may know exactly what you will be receiving and can directly get the attachments you need; otherwise, you may want to scan all the attachments, and take appropriate behavior on each. The sample that follows shows how to look for JPEG image and text attachments.
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For small systems, it s okay just to keep them simple, but always try to make the requirement something that is tangible. Don t write a requirement like, Make the game exciting, although that should be a goal, it s a requirement that cannot be quantified.
In the previous chapters, the user data consisted of a single table: Lead. When an agent was assigned to a lead, the AssignedTo column was populated with the agent s name. In this chapter you ll add an Assignment table so additional details about the assignment can be stored as well. The Lead.sql that you just executed created both the Lead and Assignment tables. It also set up a foreign key relationship between these two tables.
[OperationContract] DataSet GetEmployees(); [OperationContract] Employee GetEmployee(int id); }
The Block module is responsible for managing blocks, which are units of content provided by the various modules or added by the administrator. Blocks added by the administrator are called custom blocks, and they can contain HTML or PHP code. Details on using blocks and configuring the Block module were presented in 2. There, you learned that blocks can appear in any of the default regions of the screen (left and right sidebars, the header, the footer, and the main content area) or in administrator-defined regions, which will be covered in 5. You can also configure blocks to appear on some pages but not others. The Block module defines one permission, Administer Blocks, which allows a user role to create, position, and configure blocks.
The variable _updatingMediaTimeline is an extremely important variable that stops the infinite loop in this demo. By setting _updatingMediaTimeline to true while the media timeline (Slider control) is being updated during the CompositionTarget.Rendering event, the media s backward and forward event will wait to be processed until the timeline update is completed. Another way to look at this complexity is to see the purpose of the Slider control that is responsible for displaying the timeline of the media being played. But the Slider control is also responsible for allowing the user to interact to drag the slider forward or backward in order to move the media position. _updatingMediaTimeline will allow only one specific behavior to happen in the Slider control, thereby avoiding unwanted application behavior. private bool _updatingMediaTimeline; public MainPage() { InitializeComponent(); _updatingMediaTimeline = false; // rewinds the media player to the beginning mediaPlayer.Position = System.TimeSpan.FromSeconds(0);
MIDlet Permissions and BlackBerry
your service client by using your browser and pointing it to the new web site. Here s an example:
Transaction Type
The default control template is placed in a file named generic.xaml, which is located in a folder named themes. These names are required. The generic.xaml is a resource dictionary that defines the built-in
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