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keyEventArgs.key: This is an integer that represents the key that was pressed. It is
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Handling Captured Accelerometer Data
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Because everything about the design and operation of Windows Phone 7 targets consumers, it is only natural that Microsoft has carefully thought through the ways to protect consumers from both intended and unintentional harm. Windows Phone 7 ships with a compelling set of built-in security features that go towards accomplishing that goal. The capabilities of the Windows Phone 7 platform allow the data to be protected both in transit and on the device. Because of the centralized application certification process, consumers gain confidence that no malicious applications are downloaded and installed on their devices. And should the phone be lost or stolen, each device comes with a free web-based tool that allows you to remotely control the phone, including locking and wiping all data on that phone. In this chapter, you will learn how the Windows Phone Marketplace certification process acts as a gatekeeper and allows only legitimate applications to be present on the device. Then you ll look at the ways you can ensure that your Windows Phone 7 application can receive, transmit, and store sensitive data in a secure manner. Finally, you ll take a look at the free support for remote lock and wipe that Microsoft provides to protect lost or stolen Windows Phones. We will lead you through an analysis of Windows Phone 7 security features along the following four domains: application security, network security, data security and device security. You will learn about each domain as we introduce it, and then the tools Windows Phone 7 platform has to address specific security concerns associated with each domain.
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PIM took a different approach from FileConnection, eschewing the GCF in favor of a more specialized interface. Rather than allowing for arbitrary types of personal information stores, it defined a particular set of the most common. These stores include a user s address-book, calendar, and to-do list. Each type of store is presented as a list conceptually, an ordered sequence of records, whether those records are contacts or appointments. Because the lists were predefined, RIM was not able to add specialized classes directly; however, because the lists are presented as interfaces, RIM was able to derive from those interfaces to add their own specialized behavior. Figure 6-1 illustrates the current class hierarchy for list management on BlackBerry devices.
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Figure 2-4. A picture-taking app
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Note In addition to using functional construction, you can also create individual XElements and
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Execution Plan ( Autotrace) ---------------------------------------------------------0 SELECT STATEMENT Optimizer=ALL_ROWS (Cost=106 Card=500 Bytes=278500) 1 0 HASH JOIN (Cost=106 Card=500 Bytes=278500) 2 1 TABLE ACCESS (BY INDEX ROWID) OF 'BUILD_TAB' (Cost=42 Card=500 Bytes=15000) 3 2 INDEX (RANGE SCAN) OF 'BU_PK' (UNIQUE) (Cost=3 Card=500) 4 1 TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'PROBE_TAB' (Cost=60 Card=5000 Bytes=2635000) I have designed the sample data to demonstrate several points about hash joins. In particular, I constructed the tables in a way that allows me to demonstrate the error in one commonly (or perhaps carelessly) stated comment about hash joins. The hash join is almost invariably described as a join mechanism that does tablescans, but this is not a necessity. As you can see, my example acquires one of its data sets through an indexed access path. Another of the comments that is made too casually is that a hash join is good for joining a small table to a large table (and the terms small and large are rarely qualified). If you check the statistics of these two tables, you will find that they are both the same size. The comment about small and large tables should really be stated in terms of the small and large data sets you have extracted from the tables and even then you have to describe exactly what you mean if you don t want to be contradicted. The demonstration script includes a few variations on the query to expand on these points. So what has the optimizer decided to do with the query Obviously one option would have been to perform a nested loop join using the index on probe_tab(id) to collect the related row from probe_tab as we acquired each row from build_tab; but the cost of using a nested loop
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Automatic Client Configuration
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