In most projects though (at least in some I ve recently heard of), there is a direct proportionality between days to deadline and quality of documentation. Somehow people tend to forget to update comments as soon as their boss is reminding them that they should have shipped it yesterday. Wouldn t it be great to just specify those checks using some source code attributes and have some black magic happen between the client and your objects that takes care of checking the passed values against those attributes In a perfect world, these methods might simply look like this: public String Name { [Check(MaxLength=30)] set { _name = value; }
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Allows you to align layers to other objects relative to each other. To choose a layer, click an object within the preferred layer. To select several layers, Shift-click objects inside the preferred layers. In the tool options of the Alignment tool, select how the layer or layers will be aligned relative to other layers or image objects. Alignment includes left, center horizontal, right, top, center vertical, and bottom, with an option to use offsets as well. Click and drag to define an area of the image to be cropped. Anything outside the selection area you create will be discarded. Rotates any selections you make and can also rotate entire layers. It opens a dialog box in which you can set the rotation manually. Alternatively, you can simply click and drag the handles behind the dialog box to rotate by hand. Known in some other image editors as transform, lets you resize the selection area or layer. It presents a dialog box where you can enter numeric values, or you can click and drag the handles to resize by hand. Lets you transform the image by shearing it. Slant a selection by clicking and dragging the corners of the selection area (if the selection area isn t square, a rectangular grid will be applied to it for the purposes of transformation). Lets you transform a selection by clicking and dragging its four corners and independently moving them without affecting the other corners. In this way, a sense of perspective can be emulated. Flips a selection or image so that it is reversed on itself, either horizontally (click) or vertically (Ctrl-click). Click the image to add text. Fills a particular area with solid color or pattern, according to the color or pattern selected in the color box or fill type box below. Creates a gradient fill based on the foreground and background colors. Just click and drag to add the fill. Lets you draw individual pixels when zoomed in, or hard-edge lines when zoomed out. Simply click and drag to draw freehand, and hold down Shift to draw lines between two points. Lets you draw on the picture in a variety of brush styles to create artistic effects. A brush can also be created from an image, allowing for greater versatility. Rather like the Paintbrush tool in reverse, deletes whatever is underneath the cursor. If layers are being used, the contents of the layer beneath will become visible. Like the Paintbrush tool, in that it draws on the picture in a variety of styles. However, the density of the color depends on the length of time you press the mouse button. Tap the mouse button, and only a light color will appear. Press and hold the mouse button, and the color will become more saturated.
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Execution Plan ( - with merge_aj hint in subquery) ---------------------------------------------------------0 SELECT STATEMENT Optimizer=ALL_ROWS (Cost=282 Card=10000 Bytes=770000) 1 0 MERGE JOIN (ANTI) (Cost=282 Card=10000 Bytes=770000) 2 1 SORT (JOIN) (Cost=274 Card=20000 Bytes=1440000) 3 2 TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'EMP' (Cost=35 Card=20000 Bytes=1440000) 4 1 SORT (UNIQUE) (Cost=8 Card=3 Bytes=15) 5 4 TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'DEPT' (Cost=2 Card=3 Bytes=15) Execution Plan ( - with hash_aj hint in subquery) ---------------------------------------------------------0 SELECT STATEMENT Optimizer=ALL_ROWS (Cost=63 Card=10000 Bytes=770000) 1 0 HASH JOIN (ANTI) (Cost=63 Card=10000 Bytes=770000) 2 1 TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'EMP' (Cost=35 Card=20000 Bytes=1440000) 3 1 TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'DEPT' (Cost=2 Card=3 Bytes=15) And you notice once more in 9i that the hash join has been done the expensive way (hashing the larger table). Again, 10g comes to the rescue with the following execution plan where the table order has been reversed, and the (anti) has been replaced by (right anti): Execution Plan ( - with hash_aj hint in subquery) ---------------------------------------------------------0 SELECT STATEMENT Optimizer=ALL_ROWS (Cost=38 Card=10000 Bytes=770000) 1 0 HASH JOIN (RIGHT ANTI) (Cost=38 Card=10000 Bytes=770000) 2 1 TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'DEPT' (TABLE) (Cost=2 Card=3 Bytes=15) 3 1 TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'EMP' (TABLE) (Cost=35 Card=20000 Bytes=1440000) We can explain the anti-join by thinking how we could rewrite the not in subquery as a join. The following query is an appropriate rewrite, and gives us the critical clue as to how the anti-join is behaving: select emp.* from emp, dept where and and ; dept.dept_no(+) = emp.dept_no dept.dept_group(+) = 2 dept.dept_no is null
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The hdiutil command will prompt for a blank disk to burn. Alternatively, you may want to convert the image file to a more compatible format, perhaps to facilitate mass duplication of the optical media on non-Macintosh systems. Because the ISO format provides a burnable, platform-agnostic image file, it s a commonly used choice for this type of task. To take the MacBook.dmg file from the current working directory and convert it into an ISO image, use the convert verb and specify the -format flag along with an output destination.
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Tips for Working with Man Pages
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When we build applications for the web using ASP.NET, we need to have the ASP.NET runtime installed. This background process is constantly running on the web server listening for requests that require its services. You can see this process running in your task manager as aspnet_wp.exe (ASP.NET worker process). When the web server receives a request, that is, for an ASP.NET item such as an .aspx page or an .asmx web service, it forwards the request to the ASP.NET worker process because that is the process registered as knowing how to handle such requests. If you use Task Manager by right-clicking your program bar, you can see aspnetwp.exe in the list of processes. A program registered to handle web requests like this is known as an Internet Services Application Programming Interface (ISAPI). The worker process then parses the page being requested and processes any server-side script that is necessary to derive the final page output (the response), including any code associated with the page (e.g., C#, VB .NET, etc.). In the upcoming chapters, you will learn in more detail about the request and response and how ASP.NET allows you to interact with the request and response. This chapter has only really exposed the tip of the iceberg.
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Character Encoding
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9. Now it s time to attach code to the submenus you have added under the main menu Open Forms. First, you ll add code for the submenu Win App, which basically will open the WinApp form. In Design mode, double-click the Win App submenu, which will take you to the code editor. Under the click event, add the following code: Dim wa As WinApp = New WinApp wa.Show() 10. Now you need to associate functionality with the Add Names submenu: double-click this submenu, and under the click event add the following code: Dim an As AddNames = New AddNames an.Show() 11. To associate functionality with the Exit submenu located under the Help main menu, double-click Exit, and under the click event add the following code: Application.Exit() Again, keep your current project open, as you ll need it immediately for the next exercise. (Don t worry; we ll explain how this and the next exercise work afterward.)
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Time to display or sound a reminder, given in seconds before the time specified in START Status of the event
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Let s take a quick tour of SSMSE: 1. To open SSMSE, click Start Programs Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SQL Server Management Studio to bring up the window shown in Figure 2-8. Click Connect.
Create some simple content in each folder. An ASPX file in each containing text to indicate which folder they are in should suffice. Next, go to the Web Site menu in Visual Studio and select ASP.NET Configuration. The ASP .NET configuration utility will load in the browser (see Figure 13-3).
dscl u diradmin /LDAPv3/ mcxset /Groups/coolpeople IncludeDebugMenu always 1
restrict="0-9"/> <s:TextInput id="keywords" x="75" y="10" width="118" text="Adobe Flex"/> <s:Button id="findhouse" x="201" y="10" label="Look for Jobs" click="displayResults()" /> </s:HGroup> <maps:Map xmlns:maps="*" id="map" mapevent_mapready="onMapReady(event)" width="400" height="400" key="** PLACE YOUR GOOGLE MAP DEVELOPER KEY ** "/> </s:VGroup>
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