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Apache Struts 1.x and Flex
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Drupal then looks in several places to see if a matching function is implemented and calls the first one that is found. It checks three areas, or namespaces, to find overrides to themable functions: Theme s namespace: The first place Drupal checks is the active theme s namespace. If Bluemarine is the active theme, the namespace is bluemarine. Drupal will look for a function called bluemarine_foo() and call it with whatever extra parameters were passed to theme(). If theme('foo', $bar) is the original call, and a function named bluemarine_foo is found, the call will be bluemarine_foo($bar).
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Figure 1-18. Execute FlexUnit Tests plug-in In the next window, you can select the Suite and Cases or Test Case you would like to run. In this case, you only have one method to test, as shown in Figure 1-19.
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type MutableVector2D = new : float * float -> MutableVector2D member DX : float with get,set member DY : float with get,set member Angle : float with get,set member Length : float with get,set You can use this type as follows: > let v = MutableVector2D(3.0,4.0);; val v : MutableVector2D > (v.DX, v.DY);; val it : float * float = (3.0, 4.0) > (v.Length, v.Angle);; val it : float * float = (5.0, 0.927295218) > v.Angle <- System.Math.PI / 6.0;; val it : unit = () // "30 degrees"
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declare @xdoc xml set @xdoc = ' <states> <state abbr="CA" name="California"> <city name="Berkeley"/> <city name="Los Angeles"/> <city name="Wilmington"/> </state> <state abbr="DE" name="Delaware"> <city name="Newark"/> <city name="Wilmington"/> </state> </states> ' exec xml2tbl @xdoc
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With this completed, your class is set up to notify bound clients of changes to the Title and ISBN properties. But you still need to take one more step. By default, when you bind a source to a target, the BindingMode is set to OneWay binding, which means that the source will send the data to the target, but the target will not send data changes back to the source. In order to get the target to update the source, you need to implement two-way (TwoWay) binding.
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Boolean value indicating that the administrator wants to cancel the entire process. There may be times when the exception being thrown may require some amount of rewrite. For whatever reason, an administrator may cancel the process by simply dropping the XML file back into the process with this flag set to true.
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