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The portlet application we are using is called RSS Portlet and is provided as a WAR file to be deployed in your portal. The open source license for RSS Portlet is a BSD-style license, so you can use it for free as-is, or make any changes you like to it (although under this license if you do so, you re not allowed to call your derivation RSS Portlet ). The RSS Portlet uses XSL files to translate the incoming RSS feeds into HTML. A style sheet called html.xsl converts 0.9x RSS feeds and a style sheet called Rss20.xsl converts 2.0 RSS feeds. Both of these files are stored in the WEB-INF directory of the portlet.
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In the transparent category, there are applications that run in a sandbox, which are pretty much all of the Windows Phone 7 applications that you ever write, and these applications have a limited permission set granted by the sandbox. That means that as a developer you do not have to be concerned about checking security policies when you write your applications, as long as you don t try to perform any operation deemed not accessible by the transparent code. For reference purposes, here is the list of tasks that transparent applications are not permitted to perform: Directly call critical code Perform an Assert operation or elevation of privilege
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var geoResult = (from r in e.Result.Results orderby (int)r.Confidence ascending select r).FirstOrDefault(); if (geoResult != null) { this.SetLocation(geoResult.Locations[0].Latitude, geoResult.Locations[0].Longitude, 10, true); } }; }
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Determining by Model Number
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Allow Local Users to Manage Printers
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how to configure your computer to boot from the DVD, see stage 2 of the Ubuntu installation guide in 5.
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easily accomplished by running the following command line script: cscript
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Open an agreement, and click one of the two tabs allowing for configuration of interchange information. Click the Identifiers tab, and set the ISA properties as required (see Figure 8 11).
Figure 6-7. HTTP headers configuration for the site
The Silverlight SDK can be downloaded from the Microsoft Silverlight site, at http://silverlight.net/GetStarted/. You ll see in a moment how this JavaScript library is used to create a Silverlight application but first, let s look at the XAML that it will render.
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