let CreateScrollableChildWindow parent = let scroll = new ScrollableControl(Dock=DockStyle.Fill, AutoScroll=true) let form2 = new Form(MdiParent=parent, BackColor=Color.White) form2.Controls.Add scroll form2, scroll let NewExpression parent s es = let form, scroll = CreateScrollableChildWindow parent let AddLabel (top, maxw) (parent: Control) s = let l = new Label(Text=s, AutoSize=true, Top=top) parent.Controls.Add l (top+l.Height), max maxw l.Width let AddPic (top, maxw) (parent: Control) (e: Expr) = let e' = VisualExpr.OfExpr RenderOptions.Default e let bmp = e'.Render let pic = new PictureBox(Image=bmp, Height=bmp.Height, Width=bmp.Width, Top=top) parent.Controls.Add pic (top+bmp.Height), max maxw bmp.Width let height, width = List.fold (fun top (lab, e) -> AddPic (AddLabel top scroll lab) scroll e) (0, 0) es form.Text <- s form.Height <- min 640 (height+40) form.Width <- min 480 (width+40) form.Show() let UpdatePreview (scroll: Control) e = let e' = VisualExpr.OfExpr RenderOptions.Default e let bmp = e'.Render let pic = new PictureBox(Image=bmp, Height=bmp.Height, Width=bmp.Width) scroll.Controls.Clear() scroll.Controls.Add pic let NewExpressionError form s = let cform, scroll = CreateScrollableChildWindow form let label = new Label(Text=s, Font=new Font("Courier New", 10.f), AutoSize=true)
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Installing Additional Components
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Console.WriteLine( _ "Imagebytes has length {0} bytes.", _ imagebytes.GetLength(0)) Return imagebytes End Function End Module
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5. A progress window appears (see Figure 18-5). When the Next button is enabled, click it.
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Figure 15 14. Adding a VPN connection
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Figure 16 9. Password authentication methods
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related to the Button, and in the HUD (Heads Up Display) select Convert Artwork to Component menu Button (see Figure 6-4).
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You can add many custom controls following the same basic approach you used here. Simply draw them on to the form, and then match them up with an entry in the table using the Data tab.
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Return type
Prior to the creation of the PIM API, a consortium of technology companies defined a standard format for contact data. This standard is called vCard, and you might have seen them attached to emails or included in web pages. A vCard stores information about a particular entity in a well-structured format that can be parsed by any
Figure 5-36. Mail service filtering options
Figure 15-1. The application s output when using the ContextBoundObject
Object interface types can be arranged in hierarchies using interface inheritance. This provides a way to classify types. To create a hierarchy, you use the inherit keyword in an object interface type definition along with each parent object interface type. For example, the .NET Framework includes a hierarchical classification of collection types: ICollection<'T> extends IEnumerable<'T>. Here are the essential definitions of these types in F# syntax, with some minor details omitted: type IEnumerable<'T> = abstract GetEnumerator : unit -> IEnumerator<'T> type ICollection<'T> = inherit IEnumerable<'T> abstract Count : int abstract IsReadOnly : bool abstract Add : 'T -> unit abstract Clear : unit -> unit abstract Contains : 'T -> bool abstract CopyTo : 'T[] * int -> unit abstract Remove : 'T -> unit When you implement an interface that inherits from another interface, you must effectively implement both interfaces.
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