To see the XmlTextWriter class in action, you will build a Windows application like the one shown in Figure 3-8.
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In the following sections, we will describe some of the popular build tools and build systems.
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Tip If we define an OUTPUT parameter but do not define a value within the stored procedure, it will have
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namespace SamplePolicy { public class UpdateCounters : CodeActivity { public InOutArgument<ActivityConfig> ActivityData { get; set; } public InOutArgument<OperatorConfig> OperatorData { get; set; } public InArgument<bool> Review { get; set; } protected override void Execute(CodeActivityContext context) { // Get the current data structures ActivityConfig a = ActivityData.Get(context); OperatorConfig o = OperatorData.Get(context); if (Review.Get(context)) { a.ResetEval(); o.ResetEval(); } else { a.IncrementEvalCount(); o.IncrementEvalCount(); } // Return the updated data ActivityData.Set(context, a); OperatorData.Set(context, o); } } } If the activity is being reviewed, this method calls the ResetEval() method of both the ActivityConfig and OperatorConfig classes. If not being reviewed, the IncrementEvalCount() method is called instead. Press F6 to rebuild the solution. Open the MyActivity.xaml file (in design mode) and drag the UpdateCounters activity from the toolbox to below the If activity. For the ActivityData property, enter activityData; for the OperatorData property, enter operatorData; and for the Review property, enter review. The Properties window should look like the one shown in Figure 20-21.
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TIP Most of the work of the crawler is carried out from within private methods. As with all good object-oriented designs, these hide the implementation details from the user of the class this is particularly important with a multithreaded design, since you will need to carefully isolate any code that might cause problems if two different threads were to execute it simultaneously.
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client.close(); System.out.println("OK"); } }
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checking literally hundreds of data blocks to find one with enough space for a row and doesn t mark the space map to indicate that the block is full when it should do so.
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To create a new cluster, please navigate to Cluster New. In the dialog box that is opened (shown in Figure 9-4), you have to specify the cluster s future IP address, its subnet mask, and domain name. In addition, you have to select an operation mode. Describing the subtle differences between these two modes is definitely beyond the scope of this section, but let me simply rephrase the documentation: use Multicast if possible. If your network infrastructure does not support it, fall back to Unicast.5
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Note Make sure to import the System.Xml and System.IO namespaces before writing the preceding
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Figure 7-14. Schema extracted by using the ReadXmlSchema() method
The next step is to run the Pluto deployment tool with your portlet application. This is straightforward. From your Pluto directory, run the following command, with the directory containing your WAR file where we have DIRECTORY:
When SubmitRequest is called, it first determines the correct subqueue using a Switch activity (see 4 for details). It then creates a QueueInstance record and a Request record and returns data back
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Note Actually, if you look closely at the time zone selection screen, you ll see that, in addition to London,
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