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Computing with Aggregate Operators
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Request Parameters and Attributes
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Although the root account is disabled, most key operating system files belong to the root user, which is to say that only someone with superuser powers can alter them. Ordinary users are simply unable to modify or delete these system files, as shown in Figure 9-1. This is a powerful method of protecting the operating system configuration from accidental or even deliberate damage.
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For businesses, Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac OS X is a popular and well-designed antivirus suite that can be purchased for the Mac as well as the PC. Sophos is a wellknown leader in the enterprise security field, and its products, while a bit pricey, are some of the best in the industry. We like it because its virus definitions are very up-todate, it quarantines infected files, and it has an automatic updater for virus definitions as well as disinfection capabilities, standard features for business-class antivirus programs. But what gives Sophos Anti-Virus for the Mac an edge is its unique ability to scale. It uses plug-in architecture integrated into the Sophos Enterprise Console (which requires a Windows computer) for the centralized management of client systems, allowing for cross-platform administration of antivirus protection. Sophos Anti-Virus is available as a free trial at Once installed, Sophos Anti-Virus can be configured with a wide variety of options, such as: Scanning the contents of compressed files, archives, and mailboxes. Including non-Macintosh virus detection scans for non-Mac viruses in files.
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Flow of Events
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' Second Event handler for the StateChange Event Private Sub ConnStateChange2( _ ByVal sender As Object, _ ByVal e As StateChangeEventArgs _ ) ListBox1.Items.Add("------------------------------") ListBox1.Items.Add("Entering Second StateChange Event Handler") ListBox1.Items.Add("Sender = " + sender.ToString()) ListBox1.Items.Add("Original State = " + e.OriginalState.ToString()) ListBox1.Items.Add("Current State = " + e.CurrentState.ToString()) ListBox1.Items.Add("Exiting Second StateChange Event Handler") ListBox1.Items.Add("------------------------------") End Sub
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Using a Common Registry
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5. Click the check that appears to the right of the Customers node (if there s no check, click the Customers node to make it appear), and then click DataGridView. This chooses the control to use with the data source. Drag the Customers node onto the form and you see the screen in Figure 9-18. It s similar to Figure 9-11, but includes an extra control at the top of the form (an instance of System.Windows. Forms.BindingNavigator) and an icon for it in the component tray.
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The output of Listing 7-7 is as follows: zero one two three Listing 7-8 shows a class with an indexed property whose backing store is a collection class. The indexed property on the class PeriodicTable invokes the default indexed property on a .NET Framework collection class, Hashtable (here accessed through the interface IDictionary). The ElementType class now overrides the ToString method on Object to allow custom output. 8 discusses the override keyword. Listing 7-8. Backing a Property with a Collection // periodic_table.cpp using namespace System; using namespace System::Collections; value class ElementType { public: property unsigned int AtomicNumber; property double AtomicWeight; property String^ Name; property String^ Symbol; // You cannot use initializer list syntax to initialize properties. ElementType(String^ name, String^ symbol, double a, double n) { AtomicNumber = n; AtomicWeight = a; Name = name; Symbol = symbol; } // Override the ToString method (you'll learn more about the override // keyword in the next chapter). virtual String^ ToString() override { return String::Format( "Element {0} Symbol {1} Atomic Number {2} Atomic Weight {3}", Name, Symbol, AtomicNumber, AtomicWeight); } };
Try It Out: Creating a Stored Procedure with an Input Parameter
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Just-In-Time (JIT) compilation .NET compilation process, 25
<context-param> <param-name>contextConfigLocation</param-name> <param-value>classpath:applicationContext.xml</param-value> </context-param> Here I instruct the listener to load the configuration file from the root of the classpath instead of the WEB-INF directory. ContextLoaderListener uses a property editor to parse the parameter values, so the normal syntax for specifying resource types (for example, the classpath: prefix) can be used as if this were a standard bean definition. You can specify multiple configuration files by providing a comma-separated list of resources for the parameters values.
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