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CHAPTER 10: iPhone
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Deleting data is also easy. Just highlight the cell or cells with the data you want to delete, and then press the Delete key. If you want to totally eradicate the cell along with its contents, right-click it and select Delete Cells. This will cause the data to the sides of the cell to move in. You ll be given a choice on where you want the cells to shift from to fill the space: left, right, above, or below. To insert a new cell, right-click where you would like to it to appear and select Insert Cells. Again, you ll be prompted about where you want to shift the surrounding cells in order to make space for the new cell.
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Figure 3-7. Steps to add a new dataset to the project
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THIS CHAPTER COVERS in detail several areas that you saw in 2. These core portlet concepts include portlet requests, portlet responses, portlet sessions, content markup types, window states, and portlet modes. In addition, we discuss caching, style sheets, and logging. The examples in this chapter demonstrate interportlet communication using sessions, uploading a file through a portlet, and redirecting the user to another URL. qr code rdlc
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txtWelcome.Text = "Welcome! Enter Your Name and Press Save.";
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operations. The commands here are not as important as the concept----that now we can use the same variable for both operations and have the extension automatically removed for commands that require it.
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If you need a web crawler to spider your web site(s), try the open source project Nutch ( Doug Cutting started the Nutch project and the Lucene project, and Nutch creates Lucene indexes.
Often, it s wise to hide the internals of an asynchronous computation behind an object, because the use of message passing can be seen as an implementation detail. Listing 13-10 doesn t show you how to retrieve information from the counter, except by printing it to the standard output. Furthermore, it doesn t show how to ask the processing agent to exit. Listing 13-11 shows how to implement an object wrapping an agent that supports Increment, Stop, and Fetch messages.
You previously learned how to extend the build process when you build a project or solution locally. To do this, you used MSBuild to inject steps into the build process. A team build is no different; it has a default way of building team projects, and you are free to extend or modify this process as much as you want. In fact, you can completely replace it if you want. Since you know how to use MSBuild, we don t need to cover the details of how to write an MSBuild target for Team Build. You simply need to know how and where to inject the appropriate steps into the Team Build process. You will want to place all modifications in TFSBuild.proj. You will have to check this file out to edit it and check it in to make the change take effect. You can also place the modifications in files that get imported into TFSBuild.proj. Remember to check in TFSBuild.proj and all other files that you would like imported into it. You have a few ways to inject your steps into the process that will build your team projects. (We will cover the different methods and discuss the pros and cons of each. This is similar to some material that was discussed in previous chapters.) Many targets are already wired into the build process but have no steps contained within them. For example, before the project is compiled, the BeforeCompile target is invoked. In the Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.targets file, this is an empty target. The simplest way to extend the Team Build process is to define those targets. In Table 5-3, you ll find a list of these empty targets. These appear in the order they are defined in the Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.targets file.
In many cases, symbolic links are required for code to properly execute. In this case, you can use the SymLinksIfOwnerMatch directive. This would allow symbolic links to function only if the owner of the link is the same as the owner of the file to which the symbolic link points. Here s an example of enabling SymLinksIfOwnerMatch:
If you ve already repartitioned your hard disk using a third-party utility, or if you deliberately created a smaller Windows partition in order to leave free space for another operating system, you can select the Guided Use the Largest Continuous Free Space option (note that this option won t appear unless there is free space on the hard disk). Then the Ubuntu installation program will use the largest amount of free space for the Ubuntu partitions. This is an important point: if you have more than one area of free space, the largest will be used. If you do have more than one amount of free space, the Ubuntu installation routine is unable to automatically use any smaller amounts of free space. If you wish this to be the case, the only option is to manually partition, as described under Manually Edit the Partitioning Table. However, only advanced users will need to do this. When you ve made your choice, click the Forward button, and proceed to the next stage in this guide.
Table 4 1. Permissions represented in alpha, decimal, and binary format
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