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The second line specifies the R flag, which will actually apply the mode 777 to all items inside of the /Users/Shared/ directory. Thus, all files in the directory will be editable by anyone, but because of the first command that was run, only the owner can delete a file.
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To generate code instead of DLLs, you have to specify the parameter -gc instead of -oa:<someassembly>.dll. This command, shown in Figure 4-4, generates one C# source code file for each server-side assembly. You will therefore end up with one file called general.cs and another called server.cs (both are placed in the current directory).
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Call the site 10Example1, as shown in Figure 10-11. The site will have a page, Default.aspx, that is used as the welcome page, and will redirect to SignedIn.aspx when the user passes credentials and attempts to sign in. In
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Both of these approaches have a compromise. Using a prerequisite package, for example, requires the user installing the application to have administrator privileges (this is a Windows Installer requirement). The second option requires full trust because, at the least, you need to query the IsFirstRun property, which demands full trust.
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Managing the Rules Put in Place
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Examine the SELECT query carefully. It has a WHERE clause with a parameter marked with a question mark ( ). Further, the CreateParameter() method is called on the SqlXmlCommand class. The CreateParameter() method creates and returns a new SqlXmlParameter. You can then set the Value property of this SqlXmlParameter class. If your query has more than one parameter, you will need to call the CreateParameter() method once for each parameter. Note that the sequence of parameters in the query and the sequence in which you create SqlXmlParameter objects must be the same. After creating the required parameter, the XML output is saved to a FileStream by using the ExecuteToStream() method of SqlXmlCommand.
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// Define and use atom & g namespace. private namespace atom = "http://www.w3.org/2005/Atom"; use namespace atom; private namespace g = "http://base.google.com/ns/1.0"; use namespace g;
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open System let loopUntilSaturday() = while (DateTime.Now.DayOfWeek <> DayOfWeek.Saturday) do printf "Still working!\n" printf "Saturday at last!\n" When executing this code in F# Interactive, you can interrupt its execution by using Ctrl+C.
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The last four functions are defined by calling shift with only one argument, in each case leaving a residue function that expects an additional argument. F# Interactive reports the types as follows: val val val val val shift : int * int -> int * int -> int * int shiftRight : int * int -> int * int shiftLeft : int * int -> int * int shiftUp : int * int -> int * int shiftDown : int * int -> int * int Here is an example of how to use shiftRight and how to apply shift to new arguments (2,2): > shiftRight (10,10);; val it : int * int = (11,10) > List.map (shift (2,2)) [ (0,0); (1,0); (1,1); (0,1) ];; val it : int * int list = [ (2,2); (3,2); (3,3); (2,3) ] In the second example, the function shift takes two pairs as arguments. You bind the first parameter to (2, 2). The result of this partial application is a function that takes one remaining tuple parameter and returns the value shifted by two units in each direction. This resulting function can now be used in conjunction with List.map.
finally { if (conReport.State == ConnectionState.Open) { conReport.Close(); } } } } } The code in this example is similar to what you have seen in past chapters. The only difference here is the SQL statement to connect to the table inside the real-world database.
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