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Be careful when soldering on the dock connector. While I cannot provide complete details on the specs of the connector, I can tell you that it is very easy to get it a little crooked. What I like to do, and this takes a little practice, is to slide the connector on and hold the board and connector with one hand then dab a little solder on one or two of the end pins. This dabbing, or tacking, will act to hold the connector in place so you can finish your soldering job. Figures 10 16 and 10 17 show the right and wrong way to hold the connector and board using this technique.
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What Is a Dataset
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Try It Out: Checking the Database Owner
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This is the simple CASE syntax, where the ELSE part is optional:
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Figure 10 8. BizTalk Administration Console Query Builder Once you have found your suspended service instance, the details that BizTalk Server tracks against the suspended instance provide a solid starting point for determining the best way to fix the issue. In general, you should use generic problem-solving skills when troubleshooting BizTalk errors: break down the problem into its component parts, and use the tools at your disposal to evaluate the fault using a bottom-up approach. Using the BizTalk Administrative Console allows you to break down complex solutions into manageable parts and troubleshoot the specific component encountering the error.
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You need to validate that your orchestrations are enlisted and started.
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Figure 5-1. Connecting and disconnecting
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You chose only two character-string columns per query to simplify things. Extending this to handle result tables with different numbers of columns and column data types isn t hard.
Doing this without making any other modifications implies that the two methods have a common set of result and fault handlers. This may not be the desired behavior. Different methods would likely need different result handlers because the results will need to be processed appropriately. Sometimes, they may even need different fault handlers. Not to worry, it s easy to define a unique event handler for each of the methods. Just include as many <mx:operation/> compiler tags as the number of methods, for which you need unique handlers. The implementation might look like this:
The immense popularity of Apache is due in part to the large number of modules that have been developed for it. However, when used improperly, these modules can represent a security risk. To reduce the risk associated with running a web server, all modules not required should be disabled by placing a # at the beginning of the LoadModule line in httpd.conf. To learn which modules are required, look to the manual pages at to get a better idea of what they are, or simply disable them one by one to see which modules
Testing the Finished Application
In addition to using Add/Remove programs, you can also uninstall your application from the application itself. Uninstalling this way involves only one very simple step. Open the application, rightclick on it, and select Remove this Application, as shown in Figure 16-15. That is all there is to it!
Adding an Event to Handle Play Button Click
What Is a Transaction
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