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Remember our discussion of culture hierarchies earlier in this chapter The fact that our resource file does not contain any locale information in the file name (unlike the Spanish one that we will be creating shortly) makes this an invariant culture resource file, or the file that will be shown if no localespecific resource files are found on the device. 4. Double-click the AppResources.resx file to bring up an empty table. Next, add four entries to that table for Event Title, Event Date, Event Time, and Cost, all in English, as shown in Figure 12 6.
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(Header Right) Page: n/n (Header Left) ChartOfAccounts AccountID, AccountCode, AccountNameEng, AccountGeneralID, AccountGeneralCode, AccountType and AccountGroup A4 Portrait
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/*** THIRD BLOCK ***/ Console.WriteLine("Calling InfinitelyLivingSingleton"); inf.DoSomething(); Console.WriteLine("Sleeping 100 msecs"); Thread.Sleep(100); Console.WriteLine("Calling InfinitelyLivingSingleton (will be same)"); inf.DoSomething(); // this will be the same instance Console.WriteLine("Sleeping 6 seconds"); Thread.Sleep(6000); Console.WriteLine("Calling InfinitelyLivingSingleton (will be same)"); inf.DoSomething(); // this will be a new same instance Console.ReadLine(); } } } In the first block, the client calls DefaultLifetimeSingleton twice. As the delay between both calls is 100 milliseconds and the object s lifetime is 10 milliseconds, a new instance of the SAO will be created. The second block calls LongerLivingSingleton three times. Because of the increased lifetime of five seconds, the first two calls will be handled by the same instance. A new object will be created for the third call, which takes place after a six-second delay. In the last block, the client executes methods on InfinitelyLivingSingleton. Regardless of which delay is used here, the client will always talk to the same instance due to the fact that InitializeLifetimeService() returns null, which provides infinite TTL. Figures 7-1 and 7-2 prove these points.
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Viewing Which Services Are Available
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Note When you use the -y command option with diff, it will struggle to fit the output in a standard GNOME Terminal window. If it is maximized on a 1024 768 resolution screen, it should be just large enough to fit the information in, depending on the complexity of the files being compared.
SQL Injection vulnerabilities are very common in web applications that use an SQL database, and they are easily exploitable. The vulnerability exists when user input is not filtered for escape characters, allowing a user to enter SQL statements into a form field. For example, on an authentication page with a username and password field, suppose the user entered this in the password field:
Indicator specifying whether the server will accept requests from remote systems. When set to true, the server will not accept such requests, only allowing interapplication communication from the local machine.
Checking Whether the Value Is Empty
The CaptureSource class provides audio and video capture functionality from a given capture device, including methods for starting and stopping capture as well as for taking static images from the captured video. In order to explore these methods, let s work through an example together.
Figure 3-32. Client s output when using a wrapped proxy
Table 7-1. SQL Server Typed Accessors SQL Server Data Type
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