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- (void)viewDidLoad { playerPaddleLeft = [UIImage imageNamed:@"playerPaddleLeft.png"]; playerPaddleLeftUp = [UIImage imageNamed:@"playerPaddleLeftUp.png"]; playerPaddleRight = [UIImage imageNamed:@"playerPaddleRight.png"]; playerPaddleRightUp = [UIImage imageNamed:@"playerPaddleRightUp.png"]; winOrLoseView.text = @"PONG!"; // SET UP SOUNDS CFBundleRef mainBundle; mainBundle = CFBundleGetMainBundle (); // Get the URL to the sound file to play paddleSoundFileURLRef = CFBundleCopyResourceURL ( mainBundle, CFSTR ("paddleSound"),
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Field.UnIndexed(String name, String value)
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public partial class _Default : System.Web.UI.Page { protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { // connection string string cnString = @"Data Source=(local);Initial Catalog= RealWorld;Integrated Security=SSPI;";
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public string Street { get { return strStreet; } set { strStreet = value; } }
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leaf_blocks / distinct_keys (plus blevel)
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Torvalds wanted to call his creation Freax, but a containing directory was accidentally renamed Linux on an Internet server. The name stuck.
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The examples of precomputation given previously are variations on the theme of computing functions, introduced in 3. The functions computed capture the precomputed intermediate data structures. However, it s clear that precomputing via partial applications and functions can be subtle, because it matters when you apply the first argument of a function (triggering the construction of intermediate data structures) and when you apply the subsequent arguments (triggering the real computation that uses the intermediate data structures). Luckily, functions don t just have to compute functions; they can also return more sophisticated values such as objects. This can help make it clear when precomputation is being performed. It also allows you to build richer services based on precomputed results. For example, Listing 8-3 shows how to use precomputation as part of building a name-lookup service. The returned object includes both a Contains method and a ClosestPrefixMatch method. Listing 8-3. Precomputing a Word Table Before Creating an Object open System type NameLookupService = abstract Contains : string -> bool let buildSimpleNameLookup (words: string list) = let wordTable = Set.ofList words let score (w1:string) (w2:string) = let lim = min w1.Length w2.Length let rec loop i acc = if i >= lim then acc else loop (i+1) (int w1.[i] - int w2.[i] + acc) loop 0 0 { new NameLookupService with member t.Contains(w) = wordTable.Contains(w) } The internal data structure used in Listing 8-3 is the same as before: an F# set of type Microsoft.FSharp.Collections.Set<string>. The service can now be instantiated and used as follows: > let capitalLookup = buildSimpleNameLookup ["London";"Paris";"Warsaw";"Tokyo"];; val capitalLookup : NameLookupService > capitalLookup.Contains "Paris";; val it : bool = true In passing, note the following about this implementation: The table is built based on the F# default ordinal comparison for strings. This isn t always an appropriate choice when you re using natural-language text. You can specify the exact comparison function to use when building sets based on string values by creating a custom key type with a custom comparison function. You can extend the returned service to support a richer set of queries of the underlying information by adding further methods to the object returned.
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There are various tools to allow you to create tests of a web application. Two that I recommend are HttpUnit (http://httpunit.sourceforge.net/) and Selenium (www.openqa.org/ selenium/). These tools approach the problem of automating the testing of a GUI designed for manual operation in two different ways. Both HttpUnit and Selenium tests can be integrated into Maven builds. HttpUnit allows your unit test to connect directly to a web application without using a browser. You use the HttpUnit libraries to create a JUnit test case that specifies the inputs to provide and the outputs expected from each page of the application. These tests provide an excellent test to confirm that the back-end components correctly interpret the incoming web requests, but they are less effective in testing that the correct content is displayed to the user. Although there is some support for it, debugging and testing JavaScript-based issues is particularly difficult when using HttpUnit. Selenium allows you to create a test of the application by creating JavaScript-based scripts to drive the browser directly. The approach is considerably more complicated than the HttpUnit technique, but you have the advantage of using the same browser that your end users will be using. Any quirks in the rendering engine or script interpretation that
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[<Category("Graph Style"); Browsable(true)>] member x.VisibleSamples with get() = visibleSamples and set(v:int) = visibleSamples <- v; initView <- startTime - int64(visibleSamples); x.Invalidate() [<Category("Graph Style"); Browsable(true)>] member x.TimeScale with get() = timeScale and set(v:int) = timeScale <- v; x.Invalidate() [<Category("Graph Style"); Browsable(true)>] member x.TimeFormat with get() = timeFormat and set(v:string) = timeFormat <- v; x.Invalidate() // ... Further portions of this class shown further below Listing 11-3 includes the remaining portions of the GraphControl class corresponding to the controller part of the Model-View-Controller paradigm. Samples are added through the AddSample method (AddSampleData generates random samples to display inside the control). This method adds the sample to the inner DataSamples object and updates the values of two fields meant to store the minimum and maximum values recorded for samples; both of these values are used in the display process. Because the model of the control changes, you need to update the view, and you invalidate the control as you did for properties.
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Executives rely primarily on summary data and find graphical representations powerfully persuasive. For example, at the end of each fiscal year, executives may study a series of reports such as yearly sales analyses, budgeted versus actual expenses reports, and balance sheets to see how a business performed during the year. Cool graphs and charts make the maze of numbers inherent in reports much more understandable. An intranet-based portal is a popular choice to deliver reports to executives, and it s supported by client-side reporting technology.
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Figure 5-12. WebKit Animation example
Connect to the Internet Access locally stored medium-strength crypto keys Connect through USB or the serial port Access GPS and other LBS resources
<%@ taglib uri="portalbook.tld" prefix="pb" %> <%! ////////////////////////////////// // customize the look of this page // Colors of the table that displays a list of forums final static String forumTableBgcolor = "#cccccc"; final static String forumTableFgcolor = "#ffffff"; final static String forumTableHeaderFgcolor = "#eeeeee"; %>
When the form was initialized, the new code created an instance of Images, looked for an image with GetRow(), and, if one was found, assigned the filename and image to the text box and picture box with the GetFilename and GetImage methods, respectively:
We ll get all the rows and columns from the Customers table, filter the result for only German customers, and sort it by company. We ll use a separate query to find products, and fill two data tables in the same dataset.
In the variable window in Eclipse or FlashBuilder, you can view all the items.
Different Data Types
Figure 11-24. Finding part of a date 2. To produce a more pleasing date and time for a statement, we can combine DATEPART() and DATENAME() to have a meaningful output. The function CAST() , which we will look at in detail shortly, is needed here, as it is a data type conversion function.
private void Button_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { txtXAMLEventText.Text = "Thank you for clicking!"; }
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