Try It Out: Allowing a User to Create a Table in

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In this example, we call a single web service method. You can actually call two or more methods at the same time if you like. If a button s click event invokes two methods, say method1() and method2(), of a web service referenced by the ID myWebService, its click event looks like the following:
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Figure 8-2. Creating a new Silverlight application 3. When the New Silverlight Application dialog appears, select the default to host the Silverlight application in a new ASP.NET web application named NavAppFromScratch.Web. Press OK to continue. By default the MainPage.xaml file will be created and opened for editing. You will start by editing that file. In the Grid definition, add ShowGridLines="True" so you can see how your cells are laid out. You can turn this property off later so your application is cleaner. Next you want to define the Grid cells. You will simply have two rows, one for the links and one for the navigated content.
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Adding a Timer Control to the Service
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Tip You created two types of custom activities in this WF 4.0 project. The first used the workflow designer, in
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< xml version="1.0" >
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Create a Windows Phone 7 Notification client application. This application will establish a notification channel. Create and execute a Windows Forms client. You will take the URI of the notification channel that you established in Step 1, paste it into the Push Notifications URL text box, and submit a push notification to the application. Verify that you are able to receive raw notifications in your Windows Phone 7 application.
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Figure 4-29. Row, column, and cell information for a table report item
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Figure 8-33. Making the order in descending sequence
Onwards and Upwards
The SqlDataSource control is a data source control that represents a connection to an ADO.NET SQL database. Examples are SQL, OLEDB, ODBC, or Oracle providers.
Thus far you have learned how to deploy simple applications that have only a single executable. Most applications, however, will also have one or more supporting assemblies, along with various resources (for example, an XML document). In this section, and the next, we will discuss how ClickOnce allows you to deploy these files with your applications.
Listing 8-10. Deserializing Complex Types private void button2_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { Employee emp; FileStream stream = new FileStream(Application.StartupPath + @"\employee.xml", FileMode.Open); XmlSerializer serializer = new XmlSerializer(typeof(Employee)); emp=(Employee)serializer.Deserialize(stream); stream.Close(); textBox1.Text = emp.EmployeeID.ToString(); textBox2.Text = emp.FirstName; textBox3.Text = emp.LastName; textBox4.Text = emp.HomePhone; textBox5.Text = emp.Notes; comboBox1.SelectedIndex = (emp.Type == EmployeeType.Permanent 0:1); textBox6.Text=emp.Address.Street; textBox7.Text=emp.Address.City; textBox8.Text=emp.Address.State; textBox9.Text=emp.Address.Country; textBox10.Text=emp.Address.PostalCode; textBox11.Text = string.Join(",", emp.Emails); stream.Close(); } The code is very much the same as in previous examples. It deserializes the previously serialized Employee object by using the XmlSerializer class. The property values are then assigned to various controls on the form. Notice how the Emails property is converted into a comma-separated string by using the Join() method of the string class. The following points are worth noting when serializing complex types: To serialize and deserialize enumerated values, the application that serializes the object and the application that deserializes it must define the same enumeration under consideration. While serializing object properties, all the public members of the object are serialized. The member names are assigned to the child elements in the resultant XML. During the deserialization process, XmlSerializer instantiates the main class (Employee) as well as all the subclasses (Address) and assigns values to the respective properties. While serializing arrays, an XML element represents the array. The individual array elements form the child element of this element. The individual array elements are enclosed in an element depending on the data type of the array. While deserializing, XmlSerializer creates an array with the same number of elements as the serialized elements. It then assigns the array element values accordingly.
The QCPolicy activity is an Interop activity that invokes a QCPolicy activity, which is implemented in .Net 3.5. (You might want to refer to 20 for more details on using the Policy activity.) The design of the QCPolicy activity is shown in Figure A-17.
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