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Figure 9-4. The Solution Explorer with the copied classes
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where table_name = 'AUDIENCE' ; COLUMN_NAME NUM_DISTINCT DENSITY -------------------- ------------ ---------MONTH_NO 12 .083333333 Oracle appears to be storing the same piece of information twice the column called num_distinct (the number of distinct nonnull values) and the column called density (the fraction of data ignoring rows with nulls that would be returned by a query of the type column = constant). In our example, num_distinct is equal to 12 and density is equal to 1/12; and in general, you would probably notice that density = 1 / num_distinct. So why does Oracle appear to store the same information twice The two numbers are related in our example, but this is not always true. When you create a histogram on a column you will (usually) find that the density is no longer 1 / num_distinct and, when histograms are in place, different versions of Oracle behave in slightly different ways. Use a different version to run the example, and you find the optimizer in 10g uses the num_distinct column to work out the result: cardinality = num_rows / num_distinct. If there had been a histogram in place, the optimizer would have used the density column: cardinality = num_rows * density. To confirm this little detail, I used the packaged procedure dbms_stats.set_column_stats to change the num_distinct and density between two executions of the same query (see script hack_stats.sql in the online code suite). This showed that 8i always uses the density, but 9i (like 10g) uses the num_distinct if there is no histogram in place, and density if there is a histogram although 9i does not pick up the changed values unless you flush the shared pool (a quirky little oddity and not really relevant unless you ve implemented scripts to load businessspecific statistics directly into the data dictionary).
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Join order[9]
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Debugging on the BlackBerry Device
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Finally, the chapter covers combinator-based techniques, which are particularly useful for writing parsers for binary formats without relying on fslex and fsyacc.
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App: Selecting Recipients
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Figure 4 22. Creating a C# Library for the custom pipeline component 2. 3. 4. Add a reference to the Microsoft.BizTalk.Pipeline.dll assembly located in the %\Program Files\Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 directory. Develop the custom component code, which should match that shown in Listing 4 3. Build the component, and place a copy of the assembly in the pipeline components folder located where BizTalk is installed (for example, C:\Program Files\Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010\Pipeline Components). To add the pipeline component to the Visual Studio toolbox, select ToolsChoose Toolbox Items. In the dialog box, select the BizTalk Pipeline Components tab, and then select the pipeline assembly created in step 4. The component should appear in your toolbox, as shown in Figure 4 23.
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Congratulations! You have taken a giant step forward in mastering BlackBerry programming. As you have seen, the media capture APIs offered by RIM are quite powerful, providing control over the hardware capabilities of recent devices. You must consider your target market and decide what devices to support, and then check what media capture options are provided on that target. You can use MMAPI to embed media capture functions into your own application, giving you a high level of control over the user experience. Alternately, you can use RIM s Invoke API to pass off control to a native application, and then observe the results on your own. Media capture can be a compelling application by itself; it s no coincidence that new RIM phones come pre-loaded with a camera app. The most exciting apps, though, are those that use capture to obtain data and then do interesting things with it. In 3, we ll start looking at ways to display the media you have captured.
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This is where the problems start. First, the original system design that John implemented was for one particular printer, and while it would have been nice to design and implement it thinking forward to the likely scenario that other printer designs might come along, there was no budget for that so it was not done. Second, because John had only a short time to perform integration testing, and this was done at night under severe time constraints, John failed to completely document the last minute fixes to get things working. When Chris reviews the code to see what s going on, things don t seem to line up. While the documentation and comments say one thing, the code appears to do something else. So Chris has to dissect the code and basically rebuild it from what John has left behind. The comments, because they don t accurately reflect the actual software build, actually cause more work to be done. Chris has to pretty much verify or disprove each comment. In essence, it becomes better for him to completely toss the comments and reconstruct everything directly from the code. NOTE: A software build is a released version of the operational program being used by its intended customers. For example, you can see the software build of your Mac by clicking on the apple and selecting About This Mac. Then select More Info and click software. You will see something like: Mac OS X 10.6.1 (10B504) where the numbers/letters in parentheses represent the build number. Chris can select from two options: try to modify the original code to work with the new system or create a new set of software from scratch, this time avoiding the problems that his predecessor left behind, which is unlikely. Experienced programmers from back in the day know the rest of the story here. You never get the money to redesign the system the right way. Your marching orders are just make it work and we ll get the money to fix things next year. Think that money will actually come next year Without reliving some of my own past nightmares, I think we can all see where this is going. So what do you do This is where the miracle of OOP comes in to save us functional programming heathens. We pray at the church of OOP, say twenty Hail reuse and we re cleansed of our functional filth. Well, not exactly.
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You ve added three lights at the top that will flash when the game is active (wheels spinning), an indicator that you have sounds playing and a way to get to the settings. The circle with an i inside at the bottom represents the standard way of getting to a setup page. A user taps on the symbol and you flip the image to your setup page. Figure 5 6 shows what your setup page will look like.
F# lets you define new kinds of exception objects that carry data in a conveniently accessible form. For example, here is a declaration of a new class of exceptions and a function that wraps http with a filter that catches particular cases: exception BlockedURL of string let http2 url = if url = "http://www.kaos.org" then raise(BlockedURL(url)) else http url You can extract the information from F# exception values, again using pattern matching: > try raise(BlockedURL("http://www.kaos.org")) with | BlockedURL(url) -> printf "blocked! url = '%s'\n" url;; blocked! url = 'http://www.kaos.org' Exception values are always subtypes of the F# type exn, an abbreviation for the .NET type System.Exception. The declaration exception BlockedURL of string is shorthand for defining a new F# class type BlockedURLException, which is a subtype of System.Exception. Exception types can also be defined explicitly by defining new object types. s 5 and 6 look more closely at object types and subtyping. Table 4-3 summarizes the exception-related language and library constructs.
You may have noted that I have described the transaction as rolling back for unchecked exceptions only. Checked exceptions will not automatically cause a rollback, but the annotation can be parameterized to require this.
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