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Another big benefit is that Linux can be obtained free of charge. Once it s installed, the latest updates for all your programs are also free of charge. Not only that, but if you want any new software, it will also usually be free of charge (and normally just a download away). Is this starting to sound attractive yet The software is also released under a license that means you can share it with anybody you want. Suppose that you find a really great image editor. You mention it to a friend, and he asks for a copy. Under Windows, copying the program is strictly illegal to do so turns you into a software pirate! Unless that image editor is freeware, your friend will need to buy the software himself. Under Linux, sharing software is normally entirely legal. In fact, it s encouraged! We ll explain why in 2. This philosophy of sharing applies to the entire operating system. You can install the software contained on the DVD on the computer of your friends, relatives, or neighbors. You can even give them copies of the DVD. All this can be done entirely legally! In fact, this redistribution is what the makers of Ubuntu want. They created Ubuntu so that it would be shared and used by anybody, anywhere in the world. They ll even send you or somebody you know free copies of the installation CD if you want; see the ShipIt page of the Ubuntu website:
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ASP.NET Web Sites 101
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You are not limited to the XmlReader approach to validate your XML documents; you can also use XmlDocument to validate them. This is useful when you are modifying documents and want to ensure that the new data is consistent with the underlying schema or DTD. The XmlDocument class allows you to validate XML documents in two ways: You can validate the document while it is being loaded by the XmlDocument class. You can validate the document explicitly when you perform any modification on it such as adding or removing nodes. In the following example, you will learn how both of the preceding approaches can be used. We will modify the same example that we developed in the Modifying XML Documents section of 2. Figure 5-18 shows the user interface of the application.
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Visual XAML Editor
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Considering Styling Customization Approaches
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Figure 11-14. Menu DataBindings Editor The complete markup of the web form is shown in Listing 11-15. Listing 11-15. Markup of the Menu Control <%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" Inherits="_Default" %> CodeFile="Default.aspx.cs"
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Figure 6-6. The output window for the IIS hosted server
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4. To update the row, first of all find the TransactionId of the row entered previously; in my case this was 24. Then we create a subquery in which we only return one column and one row. We can use this to set the value within a column. UPDATE TransactionDetails.Transactions SET Notes = ( SELECT PhotoToLoad.* FROM OPENROWSET (BULK 'd:\photo2.jpg', SINGLE_BLOB) PhotoToLoad) WHERE transactionId = 7 5. When you execute this code, you should see the following results:
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<language>en-us</language> <copyright> Copyright: (C) 2003 Dave Minter and Jeff Linwood </copyright>
Try It Out: Propagating Dataset Changes to a Data Source
To use the sinks on the client and server side of a channel, you simply have to include them in your configuration files. In the client-side configuration file, you have to incorporate the information shown in the following code. If you place the CompressionSink assembly in the GAC, mind that you have to specify the complete strong name in the type attribute! <configuration> <system.runtime.remoting> <application> <channels> <channel ref="http"> <clientProviders> <formatter ref="soap" /> <provider type="CompressionSink.CompressionClientSinkProvider, CompressionSink" /> </clientProviders> </channel> </channels> </application> </system.runtime.remoting> </configuration>
Raw notifications represent the third and final type of push notification available on the Windows Phone 7 platform. Unlike tile and toast notifications, however, raw notifications are available to a Windows Phone 7 application only if that application is running in the foreground. If the application is not running in the foreground, even if the application s icon is pinned to the phone s Start screen, raw notifications are simply dropped. You will implement raw notifications following the same three general steps as implementing toast and tile notifications, namely the following:
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