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SQL Server transaction boundaries help you to identify when SQL Server transactions start and end by using API functions and methods: Transact-SQL statements: Use the BEGIN TRANSACTION, COMMIT TRANSACTION, COMMIT WORK, ROLLBACK TRANSACTION, ROLLBACK WORK, and SET IMPLICIT_TRANSACTIONS statements to delineate transactions. These are primarily used in DB-Library applications and in T-SQL scripts, such as the scripts that are run using the osql command-prompt utility. API functions and methods: Database APIs such as ODBC, OLE DB, ADO, and the .NET Framework SQLClient namespace contain functions or methods used to delineate transactions. These are the primary mechanisms used to control transactions in a database engine application.
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function handleLoad(control, userContext, rootElement) { SilverlightControl = control; theTextBlock = SilverlightControl.content.findName("txt"); theTextBlock.addEventListener("MouseLeftButtonDown", "txtClicked"); } function txtClicked(sender, args) { theTextBlock.Text = "Hello to you too!"; }
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The GetName method gets a column name by its index. This method returns information about the result set, so it can be called before the first call to Read():
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Save the receive pipeline. Now create the Send Pipeline. Right-click the project, and select Add New Item. In the Add New Item dialog box, choose Send Pipeline from the list of templates. Give a descriptive name to your new pipeline, as shown in Figure 4 18, and then click Add.
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CHAPTER 5: Specifying a Pong Game
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Retrieving Specific Elements Using the GetElementByTagName() Method
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} } // Checks to see if the UserId exist in the isolated storage // and make sure UserId is not an empty Guid public bool NeedUserId { get { return !IsolatedStorageSettings.ApplicationSettings.Contains("UserId") || (Guid)IsolatedStorageSettings.ApplicationSettings["UserId"] == Guid.Empty; } } // ShowNoteList is bound to NoteListUserControl in the MainPage // and it will hide if false and else unhide if true. private bool _showNoteList = false; public bool ShowNoteList { get { return _showNoteList; } set { _showNoteList = value; this.RaisePropertyChanged("ShowNoteList"); } } // SelectedNote is populated from NoteListUserControl // when the user selects the note from the list box. // SelectedNote is then used in MainPage by txtNote and // txtNoteName to populate to textbox content. private NoteDto _note; public NoteDto SelectedNote { get { return _note; } set { _note = value; this.RaisePropertyChanged("SelectedNote"); } } // Collection of NoteDto is populated by calling GetNotes service call // and all user notes will be contained in this collection. private ObservableCollection<NoteDto> _notes; public ObservableCollection<NoteDto> Notes
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Figure 8-4. Invalid data type 5. Now press the down arrow, after altering CustomerTitleId to the correct data type, to indicate that you have finished creating this customer and wish to create the next. This of course means that some columns that have to be populated aren t, and SQL Server tells me so, as you see in Figure 8-5. I wanted to create a row that was full of NULL values, but I can t. The error message indicates that CustomerFirstName has not been set up to allow a NULL value, and we need to put some data in there.
sudo ssh cedge@cedgetestcomputer
Note In the previous source we are setting the height and width of the rows and columns to fixed pixel-based values. We can also set the height and width using star sizing, which indicates that the value will be expressed as a weighted proportion of the available space. As an example, if we had two rows, and the height of the first row was set to * and the height of the second row was set to 2*, the first row would take up a third of the available space, while the second row would take up two thirds of the available space.
Figure 15 10. Configuring the Timbuktu password rules
While Blend is a fully featured application development IDE, including the ability to data bind to XML or object data sources, it isn t suited for building a full n-tier web application from end to end. It is more suited for developing the UI and interaction layers, and then having a developer take the output XAML and plug it in to the full application architecture. For example, if you want Blend to build a WPF front end for a web service, you don t have the facility to create a web services proxy. The workflow instead is that the designer uses Blend to design the interactions, and the developer takes this XAML to produce the finished application in Visual Studio. In the case of a Web Services consumer, the developer can provide the designer with an XML document that is an example of what would be returned from the service, allow the designer to do their thing, and then take the resulting XAML and plug it into a real web service using some C# code. Here s a snippet of XML as returned from the web service that you used in 5 fronting the AdventureWorks database with a query for address data.
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